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WTB Silverado &Volt Saddles Updated with Fusion Form

WTB Saddles new Silverado and VoltPhoto c. WTB
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OWilderness Trails Bikes (WTB), started off Eurobike by releasing modern, upgraded versions of their immensely popular saddles: the Silverado and Volt. The new saddles have a fresh look, and improved comfort using WTB’s new Fusion Form Technology.

It’s been roughly a decade since the Silverado and Volt were introduced, and they’ve stayed virtually unchanged since then. When WTB made the decision to update them, they wanted to make sure that the new versions of these popular saddles lived up to the reputation of their predecessors.

After countless trail-tested hours, WTB thinks that the newly updated versions of the Silverado and Volt are “simply better in every way”.

Silverado…More Comfier

WTB Saddles Siverado side shot
Photo c. WTB

WTB took the OG Silverado and used pressure mapping technology to determine where pinpoint pressures existed, and how to better distribute those pressures to the sit bones. The result is a slightly flatter profile that WTB says reduces perineal pressure.

WTB Saddles Silverado nose on wood

The reworked Silverado features a shorter length of 265mm that helps in providing “seamless on-off transitions” while still allowing room to slide forward for steep climbs.

The Silverado is also available in a traditional wrapped and stapled version in 142mm width (medium), with either steel or Chromoly rails for similar comfort at a more affordable price tag.

Volt…New Look, Same Soul

WTB Saddles Volt closeup

WTB says that “over a million riders have depended on the comfort of the Volt”. And that it’s for this reason that their goal was to refresh the look of the Volt while leaving the heart of the saddle untouched. Again, using pressure mapping tech, they ensured that the comfort and shape of the Volt stayed the same while giving it a more modern look.

WTB Saddles volt underneath
Volt undercarriage.

The heart of the Volt is what WTB says makes it “one of the most trusted saddles in cycling history”. The updated Volt is the same Volt you know but with a new look made possible by Fusion Form.

Refined with Fusion Form

WTB Saddles Fusion Form claen aesthetics

Fusion Form technology allows WTB to “fine-tune the amount of fiber that is infused into the nylon of each specific model to create a flex profile that balances comfort, support, and durability to match the intended use of each individual saddle“.

WTB also says that similar to the recently released Gravelier, the Silverado optimizes efficiency in a forward-leaning pedaling position by using similar fiber percentages.

WTB Saddles Fusion Form gang from behind

The updated base of the Volt uses less fiber to increase flex and improve comfort for the more upright pedaling mountain bikers. Allowing the padding to recess into the base, Fusion Form provides a sleek aesthetic without reducing overall padding thickness.

WTB Saddles Silverado underneath

All of this results in the same comfy saddles you’ve all come to know, that use the traditional wrap and stapled construction, but with a whole new cleaner look.

Four New Ones with More to Come

WTB Saddles Fusion Form rusty
(L to R) Volt, Gravelier, Silverado, Devo

Joining the party that includes the new Gravelier and Devo saddles, the new updated Silverado and Volt form a collection of Fusion Form saddles. And WTB says that “this is just the beginning, as they have various saddles in the works to further reinforce a new era of WTB saddles”.

Retail and Availability

These saddles are available now. And the updated Fusion Form version of the Silverado comes in narrow (133mm) or medium (142mm) widths. The new Volt is available in medium (142mm) width.

WTB Saddles Silverado closeup

All WTB saddles are priced solely based on the rail material, rather than by product family. Available rail options vary depending on the saddle, see below for the rail material and the associated retail price.

  • Steel: $48
  • Chromoly: $96
  • Stainless steel: $120
  • Titanium: $143
  • Carbon: $250


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Miro odar
Miro odar
1 year ago

Seadle need to be tested.

1 year ago

Silverado is really nice and comfortable saddle. Good to see it being updated.

Deputy Dawg
Deputy Dawg
1 year ago

I get along with most saddles, but when I need to replace one, I end up buying another Silverado because I know it works beautifully.

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