There was a time when titanium bike parts were simply titanium colored. Or, grey. Now, you can find them in just about any color thanks to beautiful paint jobs, anodizing, and now more frequently – Cerakote.

Sort of like a powdercoat, but a lighter, thinner ceramic coating, Cerakote has exploded in popularity thanks to its durable range of colors that are also fairly easy to apply. It seemed like an emerging trend at Sea Otter last year, and we’ve already seen Cerakoted cages from Silca and WTC.

Now though, instead of the typical black or flashy gold, WTC is drawing some inspiration from their Northern roots and the Northern Lights themselves. The new limited edition cage has an iridescent Cerakote finish that ranges from green to gold depending on the light. Of course, the Morse cage itself is worth consideration thanks to the 32mm of vertical adjustment range built into the dot-dash mounting plate. That alternating dot-dash pattern means it’s impossible for the cage to slip even if a bolt loosens slightly.

The limited-edition cages are in stock and available now for $84.95.



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