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2010 Mongoose Mountain Bikes – Dirt Jump, XC, Freeride and DH

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Mongoose sent us a link to their 2010 mountain bikes and, at first (and before clicking on the link) I wasn’t sure what to expect.  On the one hand, I see Mongoose bikes in Walmart, Toys R Us, etc.  On the other hand, Pro downhiller / freerider Steve Romaniuk rides bikes like the $3,999 Boot’r (above) to do things like this:


After reviewing the 2010 lineup, it’s clear there’s two sides to Mongoose…and here’s the high-end side.  Featuring things like Stan’s NoTubes wheelsets, Truvativ HammerSchmidt, Shimano Alfine and other niceties, they’ve got something for everyone, along with an interesting rear linkage design on some of the mid-travel full sussers.

Check ’em all out after the break…


2010 Mongoose Sabrosa Ocho

On the street side (and compliment this fixie they’re rollin’ out), Mongoose has the 29er Sabrosa line with several singlespeed and geared models.  This is the 2010 Sabrosa Ocho, a 6061 aluminum framed 8-speed internally geared hub with Shimano Alfine hub and crankset.  The frame has fender mounts and comes with a rigid alloy fork.  Other specs include:

  • Alex rims
  • Tektro hydraulic disc brakes w/ 160mm rotors
  • FSA headset and bottom bracket
  • Continental City Contact slick tires
  • Mongoose post, seat, bar and grips
  • MSRP: $1,099


2010 Mongoose Boot’r Team

  • Rock Shox Boxxer Team, 203 mm travel fork w/ 20mm thru axel
  • Rock Shox Vivid 5.1 rear shock
  • Truvativ Howitzer TM (83 mm shell) bottom bracket
  • Truvativ Holzefeller OCT 1.1 hollow forged arms 36T ring crankset
  • SRAM X.0 shifters and rear derailleur
  • Avid Elixir CR disk brakes , 203 mm front rotor / 185 mm rear rotor
  • SUN MTX-31 32 hole rims
  • Kenda Excavator DH w/ Stick-E rubber 26X2.5 tires
  • E.13 LG1alloy back plate ISCG05 chainguide w/ Taco bash guard
  • MSRP: $3,999

    2010-mongoose-pinnr-foreman2010 Mongoose Pinn’r Foreman

    • Rock Shox Totem IS 180mm travel fork w/ 20mm thru axel
    • Rock Shox Vivid 5.1 rear shock
    • Truvativ Hammerschmidt 83 mm bottom bracket
    • Truvativ Hammerschmidt FR 2 speed transmission crankset
    • Shimano SLX shifters
    • Shimano Saint Shadow with SS cage rear derailleur
    • Avid Code 5 four piston caliper disk brakes, 203 mm front rotor / 185 mm rear rotor
    • SUN MTX-29 32 hole rims
    • Kenda Excavator DH w/ Stick-E rubber 26X2.5 tires
    • Gravity 1/DX Pro (I/E) – Internal headset ACB bearing 1-1/8 upper , external lower 1.5R ACB bearing lower Cup with Gravity Whip Cap system
    • MSRP: $3,899

      2010-mongoose-khyber-super2010 Mongoose Khyber Super

      • Rock Shox Lyrik IS U-Turn 115-160 mm travel fork w/ 20mm thru axel
      • Rock Shox Monarch 4.1 high volume air spring rear shock
      • Truvativ Hammerschmidt 73 mm bottom bracket
      • Truvativ Hammerschmidt AM 2 speed transmission crankset
      • SRAM X.9 shifters and rear derailleur
      • Avid Elixir R disk brakes , 203 mm front rotor / 185 mm rear rotor
      • No Tubes ZTR Flow 32 hole rims
      • Kenda Excavator w/ Stick-E rubber 26″ X 2.35, Folding tires
      • Gravity 1/DX Pro (I/E) – Internal ACB bearing 1-1/8 upper , external lower 1.5R ACB bearing lower Cup
      • MSRP: $3,499

        2010-mongoose-teocali-super2010 Mongoose Teocali Super

        • Rock Shox Revelation Race Air U-Turn , 105-150 mm travel fork
        • Rock Shox Monarch 4.2, air spring rear shock
        • Truvativ Gigapipe external bearing
        • Truvativ Noir Carbon 22/32/44T crankset
        • Shimano SLX front derailleur/ SRAM X.0 rear derailleur
        • SRAM X.9 shifters
        • Avid Elixir R disk brakes , 185 mm front rotor / 160 mm rear rotor
        • No Tubes ZTR Flow 32 hole rims
        • Kenda Excavator 26×2.1DTC folding bead tires
        • MSRP: $3,399

          2010-mongoose-teocali-super2Dubbed “Freedrive,” this is Mongoose’s linkage for most of their full suspension bikes.  It strikes me as similar to the long-ago-retired Klein Mantra and some older Schwinn designs in that it’s really only suspending the rider’s seated weight.  Unless I’m not understanding it visually (and there’s nothing on their website to explain it), it seems as though the bottom bracket is not really suspended…it moves with the rear linkage, meaning your feet and legs are doing the work of suspending your body weight when you’re standing.  I tried calling Mongoose, but the phone just kept ringing…I’ll update with more if we can find anything else out about this design.  Now, back to the bikes…


          2010 Mongoose Canaan Team

          • Fox F32 FIT RLC 100mm travel fork
          • Fox Float RP23 rear shock
          • Truvativ Giga Pipe bottom bracket
          • Truvativ Noir carbon 22/32/44T crankset
          • Shimano Deore XT front derailleur/ SRAM X.0 rear derailleur
          • SRAM X-9 triggers shifters
          • Avid Elixir CR Mag dick brakes w/ 160mm rotors and matchmaker clamps
          • Stan’s ZTR Olympic Disc 32 hole rims
          • 26×2.0 Continental Speedking folding bead tires
          • Noir Team carbon fiber handlebar
          • MSRP: $3,999

            2010-mongoose-ritual-dirt-hi2010 Mongoose Ritual Dirt Jump Hi

            • Marzocchi Dirt Jumper 2 100mm travel fork w/ 20 mm thru axle
            • FSA MegaExo bottom bracket
            • Gravity Moto X 36T Steel ring crankset
            • SRAM X.7 rear derailleur and shifters
            • AVID Juicy3 Hydraulic Disc brakes w/ 160 mm rotors
            • Alienation 440 rims
            • Tires: ( f ) Kenda Small Block Eight 26×2.35 ( r ) Kenda K-Rad 26×2.3
            • MRP Party Crasher Lite bash ring; MRP SB-3 Chain Tensioner
            • MSRP: $1,199


              2010 Mongoose Fireball 26″ (also available in a 24″)

              • RST Launch T8′ 100mm travel fork
              • FSA ISIS bottom bracket
              • Gavity Step-Up crankset w/ forged alloy arms, 36T and MRP Bashguard
              • SRAM SX4  rear derailleur and SRAM X4 shifters
              • Tektro Novela mechanical Disc brakes w/ 160 mm rotors
              • Jalco DDZ alloy rims
              • 26×2.3 Kenda K-905 tires
              • MRP Party Crasher Lite bash ring; MRP SB-3 Chain Tensioner
              • MSRP: $549

                2010-mongoose-otero-super2010 Mongoose Otero Super

                • Suntour Mag 32-LOD 100mm travel fork
                • SUNTOUR EPICON DA rear shock
                • FSA ISIS bottom bracket
                • FSA Alpha Drive forged alloy (22/32/42T) crankset
                • Shimano Deore M531 front derailleur
                • SRAM X.5 rear derailleur and shifters
                • Tektro Auriga Comp hydraulic disc brakes w/ 160mm rotors
                • Alex TD24 disc specific double wall rims
                • 26×2.1 Kenda Komodo black skinwall tires
                • MSRP: $999

                  2010-mongoose-tyax-elite2010 Mongoose Tyax Elite

                  • Suntour XCR RL mag crown and lower, 100mm travel fork
                  • FSA sealed cartridge bottom bracket
                  • FSA Alpha Drive forged alloy (22/32/42T) crankset
                  • Suntour XCM202 front derailleur
                  • SRAM X5 rear derailleur and SRAM X4 shifters
                  • Tektro Auriga Comp Hydraulic Disc brakes w/ 160 mm rotors
                  • Alex TD24 disc specific double wall rims
                  • 26×2.1 Kenda Komodo black skinwall tires
                  • MSRP: $649
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                    14 years ago

                    yeah i full agree that this is a flawed suspension design in that the cranks and your body weight is connected to the rear triangle. your body actually acts as part of the suspension and even your torso/arms like part of the shock. looks like it would make you tired after a long riding session.

                    Tim F
                    14 years ago

                    Not sure if this helps, but I found this video on Youtube explaining the Freedrive setup. I swear I’ve seen another video though, from around the time of Interbike last year, discussing the Freedrive vs. a URT suspension designs.

                    Gainesville Bike Shop
                    14 years ago

                    Some pretty nice bikes

                    14 years ago

                    From my understanding from other reviews, the freedrive suspension is supose to be very smooth on the downhill, also becouse the cranks and rear suspension is linked up in this particuler way, it becomes more like a hard tail when standing up, so theres less bob which makes things much easier and less energy sapping on the uphills. As for getting realy tired realy quick? i can’t see how since most race xc bikes are hard tail, and they realy on reserving as much energy as possible. Plus the freedrive system is used through all of mongooses competition bikes, and have done now for a few years, whether its xc or dh, so i’m pretty sure they must work pretty well or they wouldn’t still be used. I guess my only real gripe however with any reviews about these bikes, is trying to find out their true weight, i’d love to just see one review letting us know the frame weights, especially on the teocali and kyber bikes, since full bike weight is pretty meaningless becouse most people serious about their cycling always upgrade parts.

                    14 years ago

                    Didn’t Mongoose used to be a good brand?

                    Unified Rear Triangle (which this is a complicated version of) is a pretty stupid design for a downhill bike. The video shows clearly how the bottom bracket pulls back with each shock compression – there’s very little separation of body weight from the rear wheel – shock forces are transmitted directly to the bottom bracket, while the frame basically bends in the middle.

                    Uphill pedal efficiency is irrelevant on a downhill bike – the ability for the shock to separate impact forces from the rider’s body is the important factor – which this system fails at. I actually find it quite frustrating to look at this design. If the rear triangle was connected directly to the shock, and not the bottom bracket, then it might work better, but really it’s fundamentally flawed.

                    I think that Mongoose are probably running with Freedrive because it makes them look different from everyone else…. and it’s too hard to compete with DW link, Maestro, and FSR. They should probably employ some decent mechanical engineers next time and keep the marketing department out of it.

                    14 years ago

                    Wow, i have a 2008 ritual and its quite…. well…. shit, this 2010 ritual looks soooo dam good and looks like it rides like a bike not a mongoose

                    14 years ago

                    I ride an 08 Khyber (originally elite, but now with fox 36s, and pretty much everything else non factory) – the freedrive system is the perfect system in my opinion, and ive rode many models out there – on the ups sitting down it pretty much isolates the rear sus allowing you to get the power down with little or no bobbing at all… on the downs your back up again and utilising the full travel available – the khyber is 6.5″ and its fantastic on long hauls, and on downhill runs too, was fantastic on the world cup course at fort william in scotland.

                    14 years ago

                    The freedrive system seems to be a high pivot modified URT. It actually seems like a pretty cool design in that the bottom bracket is “connected” to the rear triangle, but you dont have the unsprung weight issues that a traditional URT has. I think what people are missing is the load path and unsprung weight is a lot different on the free drive vs a URT. With a URT, when you stand, your body becomes unsprung weight, and every bump moves you up and down since the movement of the BB is up and down. On the freedrive, the BB movement is for and aft, so your body is NOT unsprung weight (the drawback to the URT). The BB does indeed move, but since it is forward and backward, it does not transmit significant load through the shock or your legs.

                    13 years ago

                    teocali super 2011 rides well better than other bike giant yukon sx must try others lots out there design of mongoose suspension looks poor quality though by anyones standard on a 4000$ aus tarlian bike ???

                    13 years ago

                    eric means 2010 teocali super looks poor design 2011 appears to have hit the right spot fianally after 6y ears of teocali production

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