UPDATED: Bigger picture found, and price is expected to be €300.

Shimano has unveiled this 11-speed internally geared Alfine SG-S700 hub to dealers in Europe as a 2011 product.

It’s billed as part of their new technologies in internal hub gearing being developed for the entire Alfine group.  This new 11-speed model increases the gear range to 409% versus 306% on current 8-speed models.

Besides the extra range, Shimano says it’s lighter weight and has decreased rolling resistance, which would be a marked improvement on its own.

Controlling the gears are brand new Alfine Rapidfire SL-S700 shifters modeled after Shimano’s high end mountain bike shifters.  Both the hub and shifters can be used in combination with other current Alfine products and both are expected to be available in September 2010.

Via BikeEurope and EcoVelo.


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