NAHBS 2010 – Cherubim didn’t disappoint this year.  Although there were no torpedo-themed sloping top tube racers, this midnight blue and chrome masterpiece combines old and new with some very clever and unique touches.

cherubim-chrome-blue-nahbs2010-11 cherubim-chrome-blue-nahbs2010-08

From the old-skool Campagnolo lever shifters to the wild chrome tube seat and handlebar/stem, this bike was one of the more eyecatching rigs at the show. Full gallery after the break…

UPDATED: More photos added at bottom!


Some original downtube hand lever from shifters artfully blend the old with the new (above and below).



Rear shifting is handled by this downtube lever.  Before you check out the trick cable run below, take a moment to admire the lugs with inset painting.  Lots of builders paint the edge of the lug where it meets the frame, not too many also paint (or have) the edge where it meets the headtube.


Say what you will mechanics, but this is one sweet hidden cable run.


The gold chain and cassette up the bling level, but it all works together for an overwhelmingly attractive package.


Chrome bar tape?  Actually, it was a little soft, so it is tape, but super shiny.  The brake levers are simply stunning for the presence they give to the handlebar.  Cables are run inside the bar until just before it meets the stem.


The lighting at Cherubim’s booth, which was nothing more than a few cheap, multi-bulb floor lamps, was well placed and made the bikes seem larger than life with all the reflective chrome.


Everything else you might want to know about Cherubim.

UPDATE: New photos added below on 3/6/10.



Some original clipless pedals.  The shoe slides in, then the rider presses the slider in to lock the cleat into the pedal.




  1. I was there. That bike is even more beautiful up close. The one next to it is a more modern version with a Di2 grupo and 700c wheels. I voted it best in show hands down.

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