Look closely…does something seem wrong with this picture?

It caught my eye as I was wandering about Cycles de Oro’s floor, and it’s a unique little item that Specialized makes but hasn’t really promoted.  Called the Comp-Set stem, it uses an angled shim between the steerer tube and the stem to create a wide range of angles, letting you dial in the fit of your bike.

Two stem angles are offered, 12º and 24º, and the shims provide up to an additional 20º of adjustment (up to 10 positions at 2º adjustment each).  They’re available in 12 lengths and made for oversize 31.8mm handlebars.  They include a top cap and weigh in at 172g (110mm).

Pics of the shims and insides after the break…



MSRP is $45.00.


  1. Felt also offers the identical stem system (2.1 stem), but also to little or no fanfare…
    It would be nice to see this stem idea adopted by more companies

  2. They don’t just offer this set up in the comp level stems, either. They offer it in their upper end S-works stem, which is only 150 grams in a 110mm, and has a really nice carbon clamp and top cap. Nice stuff!

  3. A couple things to keep in mind before using these stems, you can not run spacers on top of the stem due to the angled top face of the stem. Also you must use the supplied top cap that is angled to match the stem. I have seen a lot of headset problems, and ruined starnuts and compression bolts due to people using these stems in the aforementioned ways.

  4. Not true about not being able to put a spacer on top of the stem. As long as you use the right cap, you’re good with a spacer there. My stock Stumpjumper came with one spacer on top (and three on the bottom) of the stem.

  5. I have a Felt and would like to experiment with a different sized stem (110). The kit is unavailable. I would be amenable to the specialized kit (comp level) if I knew where to buy it, otherwise, I guess that I will have to play around with an external type of adjustable stem and ultimately replace it with a stem of fixed angle.

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