Cyclocross season is over for now, but for many, the itch is starting to tingle already.  Sure, there’s a full season of road or mountain bike racing ahead.  Or an off season, depending on your perspective.  But the ‘cross itch occasionally needs to be scratched, and much like the freeride bike porn movies that get us amped to go rip through the trails, Balint Hamvas’ pictorial book of the 2009/2010 UCI Cyclocross World Cup series gets us amped to be cold, muddy and tired.

Whether you’re a seasoned ‘cross racer or just looking for inspiration to wail across some fields on skinny knobbies, this book will provide all the motivation you need to get into it, and it’s a great visual tour of the races in Italy, Czech Republic, France and, of course, Belgium.  It’s 160 pages of mostly pictures, with results and brief descriptions of each course, host city and the racers.

Check it out here, and and get ready to ride.

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