SEA OTTER CLASSIC 2010 – Yep, it’s official, SRAM has converted its X0 and X9 component groups into 2×10.  At the beginning of the launch party, they made it clear that they’ll still be offering X0, X9 and X7 as 3×9 and 3×10 systems, too, and that they’ll let the market decide which system is better.  But, having said that, they made it clear they think that 2×9 is the way to go…and it’s obvious that’s where their marketing push is going to be.

The X0 group appears very, very high end with carbon crank arms and very lean looking brakes and derailleurs.  Like their current models, the shifters are pretty similar looking with the lesser ranking items, but do have some cosmetic benefits at the very least (we haven’t cracked open the CD with all the specs yet…).

We’ll post the fancy press-ready photos provided with all the details shortly, but here’s the first look at the new SRAM X0 2×10 mountain bike component group…





Cogs are milled out pretty extensively, but they’re mated to a separate spider, not machined from a single piece like the XX cassette.



Brakes look pretty lean…not a lot of material that doesn’t need to be there, but rotors are one-piece (versus two-piece aluminum/steel XX rotors).


Like the XX, the lower groups are getting some heirarchy cross-branding throughout the SRAM/Avid/Truvativ family.


BB30 and standard GXP bottom bracket options will be available.


Brake lever master cylinders are looking fresh (and very similar to some Blackbox levers that I spied on several pro bikes).  You can see the two different X0 logo colors used on the lever versus the shifter pod…there are other options available…




From the non-drive side you’ll get two glances at the heirarchy branding everytime you spin the cranks.  Red/White logo color combo above, gray color below.





Blue/White color option will also be available.  Expect to see these on OEM complete bikes in June, with aftermarket sales following very shortly thereafter.


  1. Nick,
    those are new Candy’s. They have a metal / alum body / wider platform.
    saw pics and details in my LBS last week. Pretty sweet, they also changed the bearing design.

    This XO 10 speed stuff is sweet. Finally I don’t have to break the bank to buy 2×10.
    So, when will we see it on QBP and BTI and in LBS?

    and how about getting a comparative weight graphic of all the 2 x 10 stuff INCLUDING the new 10 sp shimano stuff


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