Dahon’s BioLogic line introduced their original sweat, weather and bump-proof iPhone bike mount a bit over a year or so ago, but times they do change.

The new version has a taller, stronger hinge that’s mounted on the side rather than the top, and ridged seals around the edges to further reduce the chance of water leaking into the case. The headphone port is sealed, and there’s a sealed sliding cover for your front-facing Facetime camera, too. The rear of the case has a built-in lens over the main camera, so you can shoot photos and/or video while riding.

The mount is fairly versatile, allowing you to put your iPhone on just about anything with a handlebar-like tube for it to clamp to. The new design is backward compatible with the 3G and 3G-S iPhones, too. There’s room inside the case to plug in the charging cable if you’re running a front hub dynamo or using their ReeCharge power pack. MSRP is €49.99.

Now, if they’d just come out with an iPad mount, all would be right in our world.


  1. Anyone know where you can buy the Dahon Biologic Bike Mount for the iPhone 4?

    The company’s website doesn’t even have it listed for sale yet.

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