Scott is expanding their very popular Voltage series of dirt jump and slopestyle mountain bikes with a new Voltage 24, a twenty-four inch wheel DJ bike for kids and small adults, or those that just like the feel of a smaller bike but can’t or won’t squeeze onto a BMX frame.

The Voltage 24 has the same burly build as its 26″ brethren, so it’s not some kid-sized, watered down version. This thing is made to take some abuse, as you’ll see on the close up pics. Set to launch officially at the tradeshows and be available later this year, the Voltage 24 will initially come in one model with color- and graphic-matched components, wheels, saddle and pedals. With Schwalbe tires, disc brakes and a solid build, it should be a winner.

Pics, pricing and more after the break…


The frame is hydroformed alloy that’s heavily shaped to create a strong, stiff frame.



Color matched Wellgo clear pedals help pull the package together visually….


…as does the seat…


…the rims…


…and the handlebar.


The chainstays are massive, so they should be able to withstand plenty of cased landings, giving your local bike shop reason to stock up on rear wheels.


The chainstays are as short as Scott could make them. If you or your kid get totally pro on this thing, it’s easily upgradable to hydraulic disc brakes.


The 2011 Scott Voltage 24 will retail for $529 when it hits stores.


  1. jeffrey on

    This is an AMAZING bike for dirt jumping especially if your hitting big jumps but i wouldn’t recommend mountain biking because it is rough on the wheels and you could get scratches on the beautiful frame easily. But I got a rip off, I got the bike at my local bike shop for $729!!!!

  2. austin on

    this bike is a great bike. ive had this for about 2 years and nothing has broke. the frame is also really great and strong and lastly its light. at my local bike shop they want 799.99 for this.


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