2012 rockshox SID 29er suspension fork

We knew this was coming. I’ve heard from several folks outside of Rockshox that the ride quality is amazing…and it’s (so far) the item I’m most drooling over from Sea Otter. The 2012 SID 29er has a claimed weight of just 1,582 for the 15mm Maxle Lite thru axle model (3.48lbs) with the hydraulic XLoc remote lockout. This knocks a massive 211g off the current 29er XX Reba fork, which is the equivalent of their 165mm Monarch shock.

Better pics are coming later to replace these, but there’s more phone cam goodness and info UPDATE: New photos and info added 4/26, after the break…

2012 rockshox sid 29er fork will have a tapered crown only in carbon or alloy

As far as we know, it’s using the same internals as their current 26″ SID fork and has 32mm stanchions and recessed hollow bottom like both the SID and 29er Reba. Full details on the internals won’t be released until May, but we know there will also be a 9mm QR option and one with their Keronite gray finish to drop even more weight (approximately 100g). For official specs, though, Rockshox is using the weight with their Maxle Lite and tapered steerer as they figure that will be the most popular option.

2012 Rockshox SID 29er looks to have the same internals as the 26 inch version

The rebound and negative air spring controls look the same as current models, including the SID RLT and Reba XX 29er forks.

2012 rockshox SID 29er has a steel crown race molded into the carbon tapered steerer tube

The carbon steerer tubes now have a steel crown race molded into the carbon fiber to provide higher tolerances, easier manufacturing and less likelihood for damage during headset installation and removal.

Exterior travel and air setting markings indicate things are same as they ever were, but Rockshox’s coy hinting at things to be announced in May (as well as murmurings we’ve heard from OEM’s that are spec’ing them) suggest something newer and smoother.

Price will be $750 to $1,190, and it’ll be available to the public in late July in standard trim, and in late August the WC version with the tapered carbon crown will come to a dealer near you. They’re currently being raced by Giant’s Carl Decker and the Subaru-Trek team.


  1. Luckily I’m sponsored by VISA and Mastercard……so can keep my kidneys for drinkin’.
    Fox has a Ti crown/steer 29 fork coming. Hmmm….Ti vs. Carbon.

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