2012 dt swiss xmm720 29er lightweight mountain bike suspension fork

Continuing its (and the broader event) theme with new 29er parts (see the new 29er wheels and rims in this post), DT Swiss showed off a 2012 XM720 29er fork that weighs in at just 1652g. That puts it about 70g lighter than a Reba XX 29 and 230g lighter than a Float 29!

More pics and info after the break…

DT’s new 2012 XMM720 29er fork will use their magnesium lowers and TwinShot damping system (check this post for a comparison of their Twinshot and newer Singleshot). You’ll be able to adjust the rebound and compression damping from the top of the fork, meaning everything’s adjustable while riding. The Twinshot damping gives it two modes of travel: Wide open at full travel and lowered for climbing, where travel is reduced and compression is a little a firmer.

Lockout works in both positions and will lock the fork into the position it was in when you flick the switch. The fork will be available in standard and tapered steerer tubes, and with remote or lever lockouts, and either can be retrofitted to the other. DT Swiss has long used a small cable stop built into the crowns of their forks on the right for the remote lockout. For 2012, they’ll be putting the stops on both sides of the crown just in case they come up with something else to adjust later on. Travel options will be 100mm or 120mm,  and the Twinshot drops that down 30% in climbing mode. Retail price TBD but will probably be around $800-$900 when it comes available at the end of year.

Still in pure prototype stage is their new tapered carbon crown. It was shown (and weighed) on a 150mm EXM1550 26″ fork, but chances are pretty good it’ll make it’s way to the 29er forks eventually. Versus their alloy crowns, it saves about 100g, which would put the 29er fork above in the ballpark of the new SID 29er while offering more travel.


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