spy shot leaked images of contour HD Plus pro-consumer action sports video camera with HMDI out and 170 degree view angle

You didn’t hear this, but unofficially and completely unacknowledged by the folks actually working Contour’s booth at Sea Otter is word that there’s a new model, the Contour HD Plus. Unofficially, it’ll have a wider angle of video capture (170º, up from current model’s 140º, which will match GoPro’s top model). And, as the blurry quick pic after the break shows, HDMI out. We also noticed an external microphone port on the bottom and a nice glowing red light that comes on when the “record” switch is slid forward. A little birdy whispered something about availability in a month or two and that video quality would be bumped up a bit, too.

Top secret testing was apparently being conducted by the Giant pro riders, and Duncan Riffle (above) let us snap a quick pic of the unit’s new brushed alloy casing. There’s definitely not another picture after the break…

contour HD plus will have an external microphone input, wider angle video capture and HDMI output

That port on the left is HDMI output, meaning you’ll be able to plug it directly into your HDTV and watch hours of hot POV action without any downloading. Of course, that means no editing, either, so bring the snacks and frosty bevs. Presumably, this model will be a bit more expensive than the current HD GPS and have all of the features. We also saw a Bluetooth icon on the top, so it should have the live video-to-iphone capability they just announced, too.


  1. Ah FFS!!!! I am so sick of buying a Contour and then having a new, better model come out a couple of months later!!!!
    So far I bought a ContourHD, then the GPS came out (which I wanted for the bluetooth viewfinder), so I bought a GPS and now this is comming out.
    Can they just spend a bit more time working on each model and realease them less often with more features so I dont feel like Im getting ripped off every time!!!
    I WONT be giving Contour any more of my money after this, my next cam will be a GoPro.

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