Cerevellum hindsight rear view camera bicycle cycling computer with recording and power

It’s been a long road for Evan Solida, the inventor behind the Cerevellum Hindsight cycling computer with the rear view camera.

Earlier this year, though, he received a nice round of funding and the Hindsight has benefitted accordingly. Not only is it (finally) nearing production, but it’s received a number of proper upgrades over the original prototypes we’ve shown. The main ones are a longer recording time and Apps.

The original version would record a continuous loop of only a few minutes, freezing and saving the footage shortly after a major impact to provide a video account of the accident. The final version records a 40 minute loop, which is then viewable on any computer.

Cerevellum hindsight rear view camera bicycle cycling computer with recording and power

The head unit has a pretty straightforward (read: easy to use) GUI menu system for setup. It’ll come standard ready to capture seven basic functions (speed, cadence, average, time, distance, etc.). From there, the owner can purchase Apps to add features and functionality. Since there’s no way to predict what people will want to use it for or what new technologies are coming down the pipeline from others. This makes it quite future-proof and yes, they hint at the ability to read power from pedals, too.

Why not just include the whole host of power measurement and other high tech features from the get go? Because it would quickly price it out of the realm of most riders. By keeping it focused on the basics and offering the camera and recording as the primary selling points to start, Cerevellum is able to price it at just $299 MSRP USD.

Cerevellum hindsight rear view camera bicycle cycling computer with recording and power

The camera is hard wired into the taillight, which mounts to your seatpost with a quick release design. Other specs include:

  • Lithium-ion battery
  • 227g system weight
  • 800mhz processor

Cerevellum hindsight rear view camera bicycle cycling computer with recording and power

Solida’s been out riding with the latest prototype and says:

I rode one of the first Hindsight 35’s weekend and it was amazing.  I didn’t turn around one time and could easily see what make and model of car was about to pass or was approaching from a good distance away.  In fact, when I turned the unit off, I felt naked riding.  It makes THAT big of a difference.

We’ve lined up a test ride for when we get back from Eurobike and Interbike, so look for some hands on reporting this fall.


  1. Looks good but should have put android on it and then just created an android app. Could play angry birds whilst commuting then …

  2. Seems like a rather redundant device. Everyone has a smart phone, I think making a wifi or bluetooth rear view camera would be a lot cheaper and versatile.

  3. this would be a GREAT addition to most motorcycles! seriously, for sport-bikes as least, the mirrors generally only give you a good look at your elbows.

    motorcycles have a ready source of 12v power. resistance to water and vibration, as on a bicycle, are needed in the motor-world as well.

    seriiously, when this hits the market i’ll get one for my moto before i do for my bicycle.

  4. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or some other transmission standard would make the device appealing to more people. Cerainly, though, most people do not have smart phones, and even if they do, that doesn’t mean they want to mount them to their bars.

  5. Robin, smartphones could outnumber dumb phones by the end of this year, and I’m sure that most people who would get a device like this already have one. This really should be just a camera plus an app for existing smartphones.

  6. I’ll buy having a camera app as an option is a good idea, but the idea that is should only be a smartphone compatible system really fails any logic test.

  7. Why not just use your cell phone and do a bluetooth camera? Easy, battery life. Such drains your battery quick. Such would also jump the price up a bit as well.

  8. My vote is for a wireless iPhone camera app. I don’t want to clutter my bars with too many devices. If you also make the app receive ANT+ signals (CAD, SPEED, HR, POWER), I’ll ditch my existing bike computer and use this with my iPhone.

  9. I should also add that the screen is transflective rather than transmissive. This allows the screen to be readable even in bright conditions as it actually uses sunlight to illuminate it. Cellphones have transmissive screens that require a lot of power and are difficult to read in sunlight.

    Also, the battery is optimized to work on this system, allowing it to work for a full 7 hours with everything running full speed. Conditions and settings will enable it to last even longer.

  10. How about people learn ride like any responsible adult and take a quick look over their shoulder rather than trying to watch a little screen. I mean seriously, its hard enough looking at a smartphone screen or regular bike computer screen in daylight let alone while moving. Just like some idiot driving in his/her mirrors you’re going to wind up hitting something else head-on while trying to see what’s behind you on a little screen. Me thinks if looking behind you is difficult a $15 mirror will do just as good. Oh, and maybe take those headphones out too (a digression I know, but one that irritates me).

  11. Bank on it; at $299 w/ the potential to add other apps (i.e. gps map) this unit has the potential to outsell garmin.
    I plan on buying this instead of the garmin 800 (which is greatly overpriced at $600).

  12. A lot of things have potential or possibilities, but that doesn’t mean those potentials or possibilities will be realized. We’ll see.

  13. Perhaps I just need to get with the times, but a bicycle to me is something that allows me to escape from the complications of modern life. As great as I’m sure electronic shifting is, and gizmos like this, am I alone in wanting bicycles to stay simple? I guess no one is forcing me to adopt the latest gadget, but these things seem to rob some of the basic fun from it all.

  14. I can see this being really useful in a bike race. When someone attacks, you see them coming.
    If this product works as well as it sounds, I may look into it.

  15. When you try this out in the fall, see if you can read license plate numbers from the video (not while riding of course). If you can’t it would not be something I would spend money on.

  16. @ Chris. That is exactly what I am thinking. Bike is a plain device which provides you the opportunity to escape from daily routine & monitor screens at the work. Still, some people believe that the bike (not motorbike) is the extension of their pc (gadgets such as this) or Michael’s Schumacher F1 car (carbon)
    Of course there are few people who believe that bike (not motorbike) is rocket science (judging by their comments).

  17. My bet is that you can, but it will be horizontally flipped. Either way I want one…any info on the taillight brightness/nighttime quality of the video?

  18. It’ll be easy enough to revert the video horizontally when writing to memory the camera does provide a horizontally reversed live image. However, in the image at the top of the page, the image reversion is already done. If that image is what the display will actually show, I don’t think that’s the optimal solution. We’re used to viewing images in mirrors while driving, so the image as shown above could be problematic in certain circumstances for (some) riders.

  19. To Robin…the image is horizontally flipped by the software. The resulting image acts as a true mirror. However, there is a setting where you can change it to normal.

  20. There’s 2 reasons why (unfortunately, believe me) a smartphone with a camera wouldn’t work as well –
    1. Smartphone screens vary from completely unreadable in daylight at worst to dim but readable in regular daylight, often being unusable in really bright daylight. If the screen on this is really completely 100% viewable in daylight that’s a major, major improvement.
    2. The battery life on your smartphone isn’t usually up to the task – I know if I used bluetooth and the screen on 100% brightness it wouldn’t last a long bike ride, probably wouldn’t last a shorter ride either.

  21. Glad to see this come into production. It’s been nice to watch it go from idea to hardware/software. Remember this is the first production unit. I’m sure with feedback and advanced design it’ll only get better. Hoping to see something like downloading of the apps not entirely unlike Kindle or Barnes and Noble.

    My only request. Please for the love of the great spaghetti monster do not put up another website to upload your info from the unit. There are tons of places out there already who have that market covered and can get you going faster than redesigning another site.

  22. Is it waterproof?
    Can I change the battery? What is its voltage/size? Is an augmented battery available?
    I see that you have an extension wire available at a very, very high price. How long is it? Can you use two? Can’t I just splice in a wire myself? Thanks.
    GPS navigation. Does it have a GPS or must you use a plug? Will adding GPS affect the camera?

  23. I’ve tried mounting my iPhone to the handle bar and reversing the image see what’s coming from behind. The only thing left is to create a clever jersey that let’s approaching drivers know that they’re on cam….I’d also like to see a roadside model that I could use to catch the jerkface that casually / constantly litters the roadside in my neighborhood with all types of his personal family garbage…

  24. I cannot wait to get one of these and ditch my mirror. BUT, I want the unit with GPS built in and am more than little to spend a little more to get it. I see his website says it will ship in Dec, but then read Feb. Never a good sign to me when a person lets their website be wrong. So, anyone order one?

  25. I have wanted one of these for two years,unfortunately the manufacture is badly disorganised as they don’t have a proper distributer outside of North America.Also they still don’t seam to appear to have a version for recumbents or tandems,had this been a German product you would be able to get in in all flavours and available everywhere,but when the company finally gets it’s act together I would definitely buy one.

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