3T Saris CycleOps Integra LTD bicycle stem with integrated computer and power measurement

3T has collaborated with CycleOps to develop the new Integra stem and integrated (but optional) computer.

Pricing should be around $250-$300 for the stem, maybe $300-ish for the computer as a base model, but the one shown here is CycleOps top line one with GPS that’s considerably more expensive. While they’re designed to go together like a fat kid and cake, the stem will work on it’s own. That said, they’ve worked hard to integrate it with other parts of the bike, too. 3T’s Meta crank reports cadence and the Cycle-Ops hub, which is laced into 3T’s new Mercurio wheels, measures power. It all communicates via ANT+, so it should work with other cadence sensors and things that talk like ants.

Really, the prices listed above might as well not be printed as they have nothing finalized. They’re shooting to have it ready by January, and we should get more pricing and specs closer to then. Apparently we really messed with their heads (sorry, Claudia!) when we leaked the Luteus fork way too early, so we probably won’t be getting anything before they’re ready to announce it. Detail pics and some stuff that’s absolutely, positively not UCI legal after the break…

3T Saris CycleOps Integra LTD bicycle stem with integrated computer and power measurement

The stem clamps to the handlebar separately from the cover. If you just like the torpedo look but don’t want the computer, it comes with the cover. CycleOps  designed and sells the spacer that is between the stem and computer, which gives them the ability to modify it as necessary to fit different computers in the future.

3T Saris CycleOps Integra LTD bicycle stem with integrated computer and power measurement

3T Ventus II LTD triathlon aerobars that are not UCI legal

The new Ventus II LTD aero bar gets a full carbon stem (replaces alloy), gets a bit thicker and Di2 compatible. It’s not 3:1 by any stretch of the imagination and is done as a big FU to the UCI because that rule killed sales of their original Ventus until triathletes realized it didn’t matter if it was illegal in UCI races because -wait for it- they weren’t racing in UCI races. Product Technical Director Richard McAinsh pointed it out to a UCI-affiliated person in their booth and said “See what you could have had?”

Not shown is the new Nano Narrow Arrow bar that begs the question “how narrow will you go?” It was developed on a bit of a lark because their sponsored athletes kept asking for something narrower than the Ventus, so they chopped it down to just 300mm wide center to center. McAinsh says most triathletes will only use it a couple of times during a race because they’re usually in the drops, and everyone they’ve showed it to said “oh yeah, I’d ride that!” so they went ahead and produced it. It’ll be Di2 compatible and come with the extensions and pads.


  1. It is kind of fugly. I would have rather seen it integrated into the top of the stem rather than in front. Although I the difficulty with that in smaller lengths, but I’m sure that could have been figured out.

  2. Of course, to be a “blatant Luteus” copy would require that the Luteus was actually made public before Stevens started designing their fork, which of course is not in evidence at all.

    Oh, remember when Leibnitz blatantly ripped off Newton’s idea for calculus? Oh wait, that was a simultaneous, independent formulation of an advanced branch of mathematics. Surely something as difficult as that means that something as comparatively simple as designing a fork could also happen independently.

  3. Wouldn’t have to be public, they would just have had to have access to 3T’s design (shared Chinese production perhaps?). And it was out VERY early on this site, (with emphasis on the fairly unique cable groove, which I recall got a lot of comment at the time) plenty of time for Stevens to follow before showing their version at Eurobike, with a cable groove feature……

  4. So little proof. It’s super easy to make baseless accusations. Proof? Critical thinking? Pffff. Don’t bother with actual thought. Just accuse. Yup.

    Of course, there’s just as much proof that 3T copied Stevens! Oh my god! What a revelation! We have to get the story out!

  5. Lets see, the Luteus design, with focus on the cable groove was leaked on this site many months ago. The finished Luteus was presented to the public many months ago. Stevens showed their version last week. I think its a fair basis to ask the question.

  6. I really like this Idea, I hate zip tying stuff on or bungy rings, I agree that maybe it could be on the top of the stem as that is where most have their computers but I use a mavic wintech comp at the mo and it has the option of swinging in front of the stem, which I do, and it makes a huge difference in the cold if you are useing a face scarf , its amazing how much downward vision you loose.

    I’m about to buy a garmin edge 500 and will definitely buy one of these stems when they become available.

    ps Didn’t Raleigh think of this about 20 odd years ago by integrally mounting a speed computer on the top tube, I cant remember the model of the bike now, may not have even been a Raleigh :-/

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