Victoire Cycles single speed rear hub with cog made in France

Victoire Cycles is a relatively fresh brand from Clermont-Ferrand, France, that is focusing on high end hubs, cogs and parts for fixie and urban style bikes, including a nod to bicycle polo with a very trick stem.

The parts are all manufactured near their offices then hand polished before anodization and laser etching. We could go on, but the note directly from them posted after the break lays it out quite nicely…

Victoire Cycles single speed rear hub for fixed gear bicycles made in France Victoire Cycles single speed front hub for bicycles made in France

The following is directly from Yann at VC: Victoire Cycles is a recent brand from Clermont-Ferrand, France, an area that had an historical tradition of bicycle manufacturing. A spirit that you can find in all the graphics Victoire Cycles artistic director Pupa hand draws. The company is born from friends sharing the passion of riding bicycles. Now the guys design and manufacture high ends fixed gear bike parts that are entirely made in France. As they made a priority of the product quality, all parts are CNC machined in a factory close to their office in aeronautic heat-treated 7075-T6 alloy. In order to ensure the best appearance, the parts are firstly hand polished, then anodized by a specialist and finally laser-marked.

Victoire Cycles single speed threaded and splined cogs for fixed gear bicycles made in France

The Victoire Cycles 2012 range flagship is a high flange hubset that only weighs 470gr (205gr front and 265gr rear) with titanium bolts, stainless steel washers, 7075-T6 alloy spacers and hard anodized lockring (9gr). The rear hub receive a specific splined interface that fix the cog into the body. This interface eliminate all the loosened cog problems, keeping it safely fixed into the hub body. This also allows a fast removal to easily change your ratio. The cogs are machined into 7075-T6 alloy to keep the weight down, polished by hand to make them smoother and finally hard anodized to make them last forever.

Victoire Cycles also proposes very light (13t is only 16gr) cogs for classic hubs using 1.37×24 tpi thread.

Hubs are available in black or silver and in 32 and 36 hole drilling. Specific color or drilling on request. Cogs (13 to 20t) and lockrings are available in black or signature ‘smoked champagne’ finish.

Victoire Cycles bicycle polo stem made in France

Latest product in the range is the new S-42 stem dedicated for bike polo. This 137gr stem is only 42mm long for (maneuverability) and does the job without any back bolts to avoid polo players to hurt their knees. Tightening is ensure through 4 M5 bolts in the front that fasten fork and bar at the same time.

Coming later this year are a small flanges hubset, a bike polo specific hubset, a innovating crankset and few framekits.


  1. It took me a second to figure out how that stem works…pretty slick, although it seems like it might sacrifice some rigidity in the process. That may not be an issue for polo, never played so I don’t know.

  2. Excellent. Another proprietary spline standard. Good luck finding those in a few years (cough Level cough).

    Where’s my new standard?

  3. Take a good look at current BMX stems and you’ll see a pretty fair amount of them using that clamping system. No rigidity lost whatsoever. If anything a more compact stem such as that may increase rigidity and the lack of pinch bolts in the rear add a knee-friendly aspect which a lot of designs take for granted.

  4. sweet how old bmx tech can get people excited in the ‘fixed’ world. even if it’s made in france, how hard is it to make a fixed gear hub?

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