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Smartphone apps have brought much to cycling, allowing users to map rides and share stats. Though when tracking routes, I generally jam my smartphone in the rear jersey pocket, a bar-mount seems ideal. BioLogic has made way in the phone-tech market already, releasing an iPhone mount and Bikebrain Cycling Computer app last year (unfortunately the app is not compatible with Android…yet). Now, they have a mount designed to handle an array of Android phones scheduled for release this May.

In terms of durability, the phone will be protected from fall damage, shock, and dirt with the hard-shell, weatherproof, silicone-lined case. A clear membrane on the case insulates both the front screen and rear camera from the elements. To work in the landscape and portrait mode features of many apps, the phone can pivot a full 360° while mounted. The mount itself fits all bars and stems with a diameter of 38mm or smaller. Sold separately, the mount costs $45 while the individual liners are set at $10 a piece. Each liner is fit for specific phone models.

Click ‘more’ for phone-model compatibility, and detailed images…

Biologic Bike Mount Android Liners

Compatible with:

  • Samsung Galaxy SII
  • HTC Desire HD, HTC Evo 4G, HTC Inspire 4G
  • Samsung Galaxy S/ LG Optimus 2x
  • HTC Sensation

Biologic Bike Mount Android RearThe phone can be unmounted with the snap-on, snap-off feature. Taking phone calls and answering friend-requests will be a breeze.

Biologic Bike Mount Android Bars
Check out the Android Mount at BioLogic’s website. Also, a link to BioLogic’s iPhone Mount.

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