Quarq Low Pro 500 Garmin cycling computer mount

Quarq’s new Low Pro 500 is a new mount designed to put the Garmin 500 out in front of the stem, just like the Bar Fly except it’s designed only around the 500. MSRP is $35, out this summer.

Their Qalvin 2.0 iPhone app is coming soon with increased speed and preprogrammed chainrings to make set up quicker, automatically calibrating the sensor to the chainrings being used. While the integrated SRAM Red crankset unit isn’t affected by switching between their regular and TT rings, other Quarq crank-based power meters will benefit.

There’s an Android version coming soon that won’t require the Wahoo ANT+ dongle like the iPhone.

And, as a refresher, the New SRAM Red gets a ground-up redesigned Quarq integrated power meter. Uses the same CR2032 battery as most HR monitors and sensors and it’s placed for easy swaps. Expect about 300 hours per battery. The ANT+ ID is etched right on the outside of the sensor, too, making it easier and quicker to pair your devices. Adds about 150g over standard new Red crankset.


  1. I guess the mount is good if you run a Quarq and the Edge 500. For everyone else I think the AspireVeloTech mount is better, lots more adjustability in the height and angle of the computer, and works with any computer that will mount to a horizontal bar.

  2. It’ll also fit the Edge 200 since it’s identical to the 5. And I agree Brendan , assuming it’s sturdy it should be able to be modified to fit the 800. I have the Aspire one Chris is talking about and it works fine, but I’d prefer to have the mount be part of the bracket like the Quarq. Will have to give this sucker a try…

  3. Clever. Still would opt for the Bar Fly because it fits all size garmins, is made here in the US and doesn’t have the stupid looking logo on the front.

  4. Is this available on the market already? So far we need 10 units of these, but as time goes by we may need another 10 in about a week, and 30 in one month… Please let me know whith a comment when the low pro mount for the garmin is on the market, thanks a lot.

  5. Any updates on this mount? I really need to get my 500 out in front of the bars! not a huge fan of the bar fly.. Also I hear that Garmin is putting their own out this summer as well. Any pictures/comments?

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