BMW i Pedelec E-Bike Concept Rear

Electric bikes seem to be flooding the market lately for a few reasons – we have the technology, they’re downright fun, and they help to reduce the sweat of commuters.

BMW unveiled the i Pedelec concept – a foldable three speed, pedal assist bicycle with a 42-volt electric hub motor. It won’t go as fast as the Specialized Turbo e-bike, or hit ramps as hard as the Audi x Ducati collab. Instead, the i Pedelec focuses on tech. Already on display in London, i Pedelec will complement BMW’s new i3 electric city car (pictured after the break). Folded, two bikes will fit into and charge in the trunk. Standard outlets also work. A full charge takes 4 hours while a quick charge takes 1.5. Estimated range is 16-25 miles.

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BMW i Pedelec E-Bike Concept i3 Electric Car
With 200-watts, i Pedelec comes in just short of the Specialized Turbo’s 250-watts. The top speed isn’t as impressive either with a motor that assists up to just 16mph opposed to 28mph on the Specialized. Good thing is, i Pedelec doesn’t need to be registered and laws treat it as a standard bike. No helmets, no license. BMW says – “i Pedelec Concept can also be converted in a matter of seconds to offer a handy pushing mode, which allows it to be rolled and steered and therefore taken on public transport at no extra cost, saving the rider the effort of having to carry it around.”

BMW i Pedelec E-Bike Concept Show Room
Made of aluminum and carbon, i Pedelec rocks 16-inch wheels with hydraulic disc brakes and three gears in the hub. Total weight is about 44 lb. There’s no word on pricing yet, but we’ll keep you updated.


Length 1,480 mm
Wheelbase 1,080 mm
Frame Aluminium and carbon fibre (50:50)
Wheels 16-inch
Brakes Hydraulic disc brakes
front and rear
Gears Three-speed gear hub
Weight >20 kg
Electric motor 42 V hub motor
250 W/20 Nm (15 lb-ft.)
Motor management system Electronic, via torque
(pedal torque > motor torque
Battery 42 V lithium-manganese (LiMn) battery
Charging time 1.5/4.0 hours
Range 25 – 40 km (16 – 25 miles)











Read more at BMW’s blog.


  1. poindexter on

    realistically, 15kg ish would be manageable, @ 44lbs, lifting out of the car with arms outstretched would be hard work.


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