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The Porteur is a Kickstarter project by Faraday Bikes. A $100,000 goal is set and they’re well on their way to meeting it. Harnessing a handmade classic aesthetic, Faraday also weaved in some modern features into the Porteur. The Porteur gets an E-assist system. A 250W front hub motor constantly pumps power while pedaling and this power can be boosted at times by mashing a bar-mounted throttle. Lithium batteries that run the E-assist are hidden in the double top tube.

A TIG welded 4130 cro-mo steel frame is the backbone of the build. It’s handmade in the USA by Faraday. Transmission is Shimano’s Alfine 8 speed hub rigged with Avid mechanical disc brakes for stopping power. Range is 10-15 miles with power full blast and a full recharge takes 45 minutes. Weight comes in at 39lbs without the front rack equipped.

Faraday’s offering the Porteur for $3500 in three sizes – 51cm 54.5 cm, and 59cm. Click ‘more’ for a video, some other features of the Porteur and specs…

faraday utility e powered bike rear battery

Linked to the top tubes batteries is the on/off switch and charge port. The blue button turns the power on while the port below accepts the charger.

faraday utility bike e powered lights front rear

LED lights are integral and a light sensor switches them on automatically after dark. Also, a quick release mechanism on the front rack allows for easy removal if you’re shaving grams on a commute.

Specs from Faraday’s Kickstarter page:

  • Shifting:- Production Version: 8 speed Shimano Alfine internally geared hub
  • Brakes: Avid mechanical disc brakes.
  • Headset:- Production Version: Velo Orange GrandCru
  • Motor: 250W brushless DC electric hub motor.
  • Electric range: Approximately 10-15 miles of full pedal-assist riding.
  • Actual range: Unlimited…the Faraday will take you as far as you can pedal.
  • Weight: 39 pounds (without the front rack).
  • Tires: Standard 26 inch, 35mm tires.
  • Frame: Production Version: TIG welded 4130 chromoly steel, handmade in the USA.
  • Saddle: Production Version: Brooks B17 leather saddle.
  • Fenders: Production Version: Durable, waterproof bamboo fenders.
  • Customization:
    • Handlebar: Choose between a Velo Orange Belleville (flat) or Left Bank (riser) handlebar.
    • Cargo Rack: Choose a large or small removable rack to personalize your Faraday.


  1. I think it looks a little ugly for a bicycle, but very nice for an electric-assist bicycle. The price seems very reasonable, as does the weight; if Archsam can point me to a lighter and/or cheaper porteur-style electric assist bicycle (or even a decent commuter), I would love to hear about it. For now, I’ll stick to using my own legs, but I’m not getting any younger …

  2. @Archsam,
    While the weight and price seem steep it’s pretty close to what you’d expect buying a bike of this quality and adding a decent e-assist (which would of course not be so well integrated)
    That said, this bike doesn’t suit my aesthetic sensibilities at all, but it’s nice seeing people make a go at e-bikes that don’t look like rejects from sci-fi.

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