2013 Salsa Cycles Beargrease Fatbike

Last week, images started surfacing of Salsa’s Warbird gravel racer. Now the 2013 collection has been announced.

Salsa made aesthetic and geometry changes to many bikes, but also have a few brand new rigs. To start off, Salsa is unveiling the aluminum Beargrease fatbike and a new ultralight Beargrease tapered aluminum fork to match. The frame is said to be super stable and comfortable at slow speed with great standover clearance for stop and go riding conditions. Both frame and fork are anodized to cut weight and buff durability. Complete, it gets Surly Holy Rolling Darryl rims, and a combination of 11-36T SRAM cassette with SRAM group and 22/36t e*thirteen crankset. For the frameset pricing is $999. Complete it’s $2,999. Geometry and images after the break.

On top of Beargrease, Salsa is dropping four more bikes – the Colossal disc brake road bike, the Vaya Travel stainless steel S&S coupled touring bike, the Warbird gravel racing bike and a limited edition single speed El Mariachi 29er. Also, they’ve incorporated alternator dropouts on their entire El Mariachi 29er line and Mukluk snowbikes to allow for an easy switch between gears and single speed.

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2013 Salsa Cycles Beargrease Fatbike Front  2013 Salsa Cycles Beargrease Fatbike Rear

Beargrease Geometry


2013 Salsa Colossal Disc Brake Road Bike

Salsa’s new Colossal disc brake equipped road bike comes in both Titanium and CroMoly. The geometry sits between a crit bike and touring bike and it’s made to pack in the miles rain or shine. The carbon fork is made custom by Enve for Salsa and it’s linked to Avid BB7 140mm rotors. Pricing for the Ti version runs $3,899 or $2,499 for the frameset alone.

2013 Salsa Colossal Disc Brake Road Bike Titanium  2013 Salsa Colossal Disc Brake Road Bike rear

2013 Salsa Colossal Disc Brake Road Bike CroMoly Profile


The CroMoly version gets a different, more affordable component setup and runs $2,399 complete, $1,199 for the frameset.

2013 Salsa Colossal Disc Brake Road Bike CroMoly Front  2013 Salsa Colossal Disc Brake Road Bike CroMoly Rear

Colossal Geometry

Vaya Travel

2013 Salsa Vaya Travel S&S Disc Stainless Steel Profile

An addition to Salsa’s Vaya road adventure line is the new Vaya travel, a stainless steel bike equipped with S&S couplings for easy disassembly. Alternator dropouts allow for either singlespeed or geared setups and it’s drilled for front and rear pannier mounts. With Shimano 105 with an Ultegra 30/42/52 crankset, and 160mm Avid BB7 brakes, pricing is $3,950 complete. For just the frameset, pricing is $2,199.

2013 Salsa Vaya Travel S&S Disc Stainless Steel 2013 Salsa Vaya Travel S&S Disc Stainless Steel Rear

Vaya Travel Geometry

Warbird Ti and 2

2013 Salsa Warbird Gravel Profile Disc

Released in both titanium and aluminum models, the Warbird is Salsa’s new gravel racer. It comes equipped with Enve’s CX carbon fork, Avid BB7 160mm rotor on the front, 140mm rear. Complete it gets FSA Energy 34/46t crankset, with SRAM 11-30T cassette. Pricing is $3,899 for the complete TI bike, $2,499 for the frameset.

2013 Salsa Warbird Gravel 2013 Salsa Warbird Gravel Titanium

2013 Salsa Warbird Gravel Aluminum Profile

The Warbird 2 gets an aluminum frame and trickle-down components drop the price to $2,399 complete, $1,199 for the frameset.

Warbird Geometry

El Mariachi Single Speed

2013 Salsa El Mariachi Single Speed Profile

In addition to changing the dropouts on the El Mariachi line to incorporate SS and gearing, Salsa’s also doing a limited run of the El Mariachi Single Speed rigid 29er. Pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but it looks to be a beauty.

2013 Salsa El Mariachi Single Speed Front  2013 Salsa El Mariachi Single Speed Rear

El Mariachi Geometry

We’ll keep you updated as more information surfaces. Stay tuned!


  1. A disc brake road bike with geometry between a crit bike and a touring bike = road bike geometry.

    And a disc brake gravel racer = another road bike. So that’s weird.

    Great to see so many nice metal bike offerings though.

  2. I’ve rode them all, and i want to buy them all.

    Really though i do have a Beargrease Frameset and Ti Warbird reserved.

  3. Perhaps the images just don’t have enough resolution to show it, but I don’t see any fender mounts on the Colossal or Warbird. If not that is a shame. I’m perfectly happy with rim brakes when things are dry, it’s the wet when I want disc brakes AND fenders.

  4. Seems to me that an aluminum fat/snow bike makes sense. Any compliance that you would get from steel would be negligible compared to the cushion from those big tires.

    I like the Colossal Ti a lot and would love to make that my 40th birthday presen next year and retire my 15 year old Gunnar. Does anyone know what kind of tire clearance it has? I’d like to have the option of putting some narrow cross tires on it for mixed dirt/pavement rides without going to a cross bike. Maybe the Warbird is a better option, but that seems overkill for most of my rides.

  5. I think the $1200 for the frameset is driven by the Enve fork. The article mentions this being a custom model, but other Enve disc forks retail @ $500 by themselves. Subtract that, and you have competitive pricing on just the frames.

  6. @Andrew F

    28mm tires just fit. i don’t think anything bigger would comfortably fit. The bike also comes stock with 28mm.

  7. Colossal Vs. Warbird Geometry:

    Think of the Colossal as your preferred all-day road-ride bike, something you’d want to use on a supported tour perhaps. Great for Gran Fondo rides or if you and the boys felt like going out and doing a century… for fun.

    The Warbird on the other hand has a dedicated gravel-racing geometry. It’s light and fast but has a longer wheelbase and more stable steering than you would find on a cross bike or road racer. When you’re doing 100+ miles on gravel you don’t want something twitchy and will beat you up.

  8. Clip-on fenders are a great fix when you have no other options but are no substitute for a set of real, full coverage fenders. The Warbird looks like a great bike, but I agree; the added brazeons would make the bike far more versatile.

  9. I’ll second everything about real fenders. They’re a more elegant fit with better coverage for yourself, your bike, and the people behind (who unanimously hate rooster tail).

  10. the La Cruz had fender braze-ons. the Warbird and Colossal don’t. no matter how you spin it, this is kind of a step backwards, Salsa. 🙁

    I can’t think of anyone in the Pacific Northwest that should consider either the Colossal or the Warbird until it’s possible to run full coverage fenders. I guess it must not ever rain in the Midwest?

    the new Vaya on the other hand looks great.

  11. Come on, you put fender braze-ons on a road bike and you have to really stretch the wheelbase. Then it’s no longer a road bike, it’s a, well a Vaya or a Fargo. But I don’t care now that pricing is out, at $1200 for a steel bike, I’m not buying anyway.

  12. you’d think that something as simple as adding two threaded holes that would open your bikes up to a whole new market (commuter/ winter trainer) would be a no brainer. bike industry FAIL.

  13. Tires,tires, tires. I don’t like the Enve fork clip, and I would prefer to run my front brake cable behind the fork, no right where the tire is gonna rub it.

  14. HI
    does anyone know the OLD spacing on the Colossal?

    does it use a 135mm or 130mm hub in the rear?

    i wonder because of heel clearance.

  15. I wonder what Salsa was thinking routing the cables underneath the top tube on their “gravel racer”. Did they think people wouldn’t actually race it? Certainly wouldnt be too comfortable to shoulder over and over.

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