Bar Fly 1-1 Garmin cycling computer out front handlebar mount

Bar Fly, the company that pretty much invented the out-in-front Garmin cycling computer mount frenzy, has upped the ante and dropped the price.

The new Barfly 1.1 uses a shorter  1/8th turn, allowing for mounting of both Garmin Edge and Forerunner watches without having to change mounts, parts or screws. It’s designed and manufactured entirely in the US, and they say it’s the only “front and center mount that is patent pending.”

Available now at dealers. Even better? It’s now just $24.95, down from the original $39.95, which should put some pressure on all the Jonny-come-latelies. Well, except for SRAM. Should be perfect for those new Edge 810 and 510 units…

Barfly 1-1 version two Garmin cycling computer out front handlebar mount




  1. I’m not surprised – I thought I saw a knock-off on the Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC) website (, but it’s the real deal for $20 Cdn. That said, three reviews already on the MEC website reaks of “astroturfing”, even if I am keen to try it over the triathalon mount I already have & installed.

  2. So everyone that was an early adopter and bought for $39.95 just got hosed as they drop their prices to address the competition. Nothing new but a shorter 1/8th turn?!? Us early adopters were clearly being fleeced.

  3. @Canucklehead

    Those reviews are for the Bar Fly in general not just the latest version. The first two reviews are from July before the 1.1 came out.

  4. GP- we designed the Bar Fly with your feedback in mind. Our material (delrin) allows you to open the mount and slip the Bar Fly on, without unwrapping your bars, or taking off the shifter.

  5. Too bad it doesn’t drop the unit down a bit to be more in-line with the bar like some of the other mounts. At least it has a better price point for those that want their gps mounted up high.

  6. I must be the only one that still has an old Edge705 with the sliding attachment. Bar Fly or anyone else know if there is a manufacturer making an out-in-front mount for the older Edge computers?

  7. The one complaint I heard repeatedly is that the mount should drop the computer down in line with stem like RWD and K-Edge, yet they didn’t address that in the new design?

  8. @Zach it won’t be pretty, but you could use one of the Minoura mounts that essentially provide a piece of dummy handlebar out in front of your handlebars and clamp on your existing Garmin mount.

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