Crumpton Type 5 ultralight road bike

Nick Crumpton has shown some pretty light road bikes in the past, including one using a honeycombed tubeset. But, he’s been wary of doing super lightweight builds for just anyone.

To bring feathery frames to everyone, he’s started work on his new Type 5 frameset. It’s a completely new bike design that eschews his typical round tubes to improve performance, strength and aesthetics. He’s testing them now, and the goal is to establish a safe lower limit for what they can do with a “daily driver” road bike. With the new design, he says a typical 56 should come in around 800g as standard, and an ultralight could be in the low 600’s.

See how it’s coming together, and his new handmade Corsa “stock” frames, after the break…

Crumpton Type 5 ultralight road bike
Type 5 frame #3 of three before heading to CEN testing. Crumpton pointed out how smooth it was fresh out of the mold before any finishing work.

The Type 5 has a biovalized downtube that morphs from 50mm x 45mm tall at the HT to 48mm x 42mm at the BB.

Top tube is ovalized and tapers thinner as it moves back to the seat tube. Both of these tubes are width-matched at the head tube to provide a smooth appearance at the joint, which also requires less over wrap…which saves weight. Lastly, the non-round tubes can’t eventually (however unlikely) twist loose within the joint.

Retail will be $6,500 and up.

Crumpton Corsa road bike now being made by Nick in Austin Texas

At a more affordable level, Crumpton has merged the stock Corsa M and Italian Corsa Team bikes into a single model that’s now being hand built in Austin, TX, by Nick Crumpton himself.

“I fired Italy,” Crumpton said. “Not that there was anything wrong with the bikes there, but customers wanted something from me. So, lead times be damned, they’re in the queue.”

The new Corsa is available in 14 different sizes/geometries (7 ETT lengths with a Tall option for each).

Retail is $4,500 for frame, ENVE 2.0 fork, Cane Creek 40ZS headset and SRAM PF30 BB. Lead time is currently about 16 weeks. It’s available in seven colors, and you can flip flop the logo and primary and pick which part you want in gloss or matte. Frames start in the low 800 grams up to about 1050 grams for the biggest sizes.

This “Root Beer” finish is a new color option on his custom road bikes.


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