HED Ardennes FR tubular disc brake road bike wheels

HED just popped out a little blurb on their new Ardennes FR tubular disc brake wheels and re-announced the Ardennes+ super wide rims.

The Ardennes FR, above, are purpose built for wider 25-40mm tires running lower tire pressure. There’s no brake track, so they’re disc specific, which makes them a bit lighter at the outer rotating edge, too. The extra width of the 23.5mm wide rim gives plenty of room to glue the tire and the rounded edges should help prevent pinch flats.

The Ardennes+ were spotted at NAHBS in both disc and rim brake options. They’re coming in with 25mm widths and are tubeless ready. Photo after the break…

HED Ardennes plus wide tubeless ready road bike wheels for disc or rim brakes


  1. “The Ardennes FR, above, are purpose built for wider 25-40mm tires (…)” – are they really ROAD rims?? 40mm, are we talking about road cycling here…???

    what is the widest road tire (and rim) used nowadays? I’m asking about outside-to-outside measurement of the rim – in other words: braking surface to braking surface measurement, not toroidal shapes which are wider than the tire.

  2. An answer to my own question: HED rims feature 28mm wide braking tracks.

    Are there any wider road rims and tires commonly used (God, I hope not…)?

  3. Still looking for harder availability dates. Best I could find was a tweet (retweeted by HED) mentioned they would be available in a few weeks.

  4. @TT with disk hubs, a choice of tubeless or tubular rims and a blurb about reducing pinch flats, these are pretty clearly targeted at the cyclocross, monster cross and gravel grinder markets, rather than the time trial or criterium racer. As far as rim and tire width, cross riders typically go to 29er MTB wheels if they want more rim width. UCI regs limit CX tires to 33C but Clement makes a 40C knobby and most monster cross bikes are designed around 45C tires so they must exist.

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