Around Sea Otter there were a number of lube companies showing off new products. The most interesting of which was Muc-Off’s C3 ceramic lube. It puts a ceramic coating on your chain and includes a small keychain-sized black light that makes the lube glow. This lets you check your application and ensure full coverage. Two versions are offered, wet and dry, each in two sizes.

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Muc Off Sea Otter041813_0574

Placing a small dab on a piece of paper Muc-off illustrates the glowing effect of the chain lube with the included light. We’re not sure how much this will improve your ability to lube your chain, but it sure looks cool.

Muc Off Sea Otter041813_0571

Muc-off also has a new gel concentrate refill for their Nano-Tech bike wash. Muc-Off has been making a push for more environmentally friendly products and packaging, which the refill qualifies for with 89% less packaging. Each bag of gel will refill two bottles on the left when mixed with water.


Orange Seal’s new valve stem kits are available in 48, 60 and 80mm lengths (the latter isn’t shown), and they now include a variety of o-rings to help create a solid seal in oddly shaped or deep concave rim beds. Retail is $15.99 to $17.99.

The new valve core removal tool (black bit at top of pic) is included in the full sealant kits, and there’s a new 4oz sealant bottle with their Twistlock injection top system.


ProGold’s new Foaming Citrus Degreaser sprays on, foams up, then you wash it off…presumably taking grease and grime with the bubbles. It’s not to be left on rubber, seals or painted parts for long, but they say it won’t hurt anything if it’s used as directed.


White Lightning’s Chain Johnny has some new friends. The Saddle Johnny, Leg Johnny and (not shown) Bike Johnny help protect your parts from the environment or help protect your environment from grease and other stuff on your bike.

WD40 Chain Lube Sea Otter

While the wet and dry lube inside the WD-40 Bike bottles isn’t new, the packaging gets an update with a new applicator cap. The top portion unscrews and allows for a controlled drip application to your chain.


  1. bc on

    Just curious why are so many against WD40? I know it stands for water displacement and a bike is not grounded so it will attract dust regardless…

  2. Gummee! on

    IME WD40 makes an acceptable lube. …for about a ride… It just doesn’t work as well as some of the other stuff I’ve used.

    I DID just spray my chain with it the other day. Cleaned up the bike after a rain ride and needed to get the water out of the links. Need to go re-spray with Tri-flow so I can ride in the rain again tomorrow.

    …and clean the bike and chain right afterwards again!

  3. Mindless on

    This WD40 has absolutely nothing in common with the good old WD40. Confusion abounds.

    Classic WD40 is a terrible chain lubricant. It does not do anything.


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