Not too long ago we spotted a blacked out Specialized helmet at Milan San Remo and speculated we’d see it on the market in not too long. And sure enough teams including Saxo-Tinkoff, Astana and Omega Pharma-QuickStep are wearing the final versions. Geek out on numbers and more after the break…

The redesign in Specialized’s S-Works Evade wasn’t just motivated by their fancy new aero tunnel, but also by comfort. Word is some team riders eschewed other aero helmets because they were overheating their noggins, so the new design had to vent well. So if the pros keep the Evade on throughout the tour, it’ll be an aero helmet we can all actually wear. But as far as those numbers go, they probably won’t disappoint either, as is evidenced by the following graphic from Specialized:


Notice the Evade saves about 10 watts at 40 KM/H over the Prevail, at 300 watts you’ll add about .5 KM/H, and when a super pro rider maxes out at 1000 watts in a 200 meter sprint, he’ll save about 2.6 meters. Now that’s using your head!


  1. Steve M on

    2.6 meters at 200? Really? a helmet sitting on a post in a wind tunnel is a whole different thing than thrashing around argy bargy with fifty lunatics.

  2. Felix on

    No way that helmet can save anything close to 20 watts. They could at least have taken a good-looking helmet with the same fake numbers.

  3. Psi Squared on

    An independent MIT study found that the head/helmet is a bigger source of drag than wheels, so it’s no surprise helmet companies are looking at improving helmet aerodynamics. Of course there’s no way anyone can be sensible comments about aerodynamics from just looking at pictures. That’s why aero guys use things like CFD and wind tunnels equipped with force balances.

  4. KJR on

    Reminds me of the old Briko Twinner helmet. Everything that’s old is new again. This is such a cyclical industry…

  5. danwiz on

    it does look fast as f.ck. and do you really think that Specializedwould just make up numbers. I’m sure they are all sittin around their boardroom thinking of things to lie about. “Yeah we’re gonna make up a bunch of stuff about this goofy lookin helmet”. Those that think this are probably conspiracy folks or worse a scientologist

  6. Psi Squared on

    @ Joe: please give your proof that the aero benefits are on the new crop of helmets. Obviously you must have data to make such an insightful comment.

  7. Out for a Ride on

    Why does everyone think this is ugly?! This thing looks awesome! It’s like an Independence Day Alien fighter ship all scaled down and ventilated.

    Helmets have clearly looked too similar for too long, or maybe I’m just not cut to be a roadie. I might get one for the trails.

  8. evil on

    they claim that you’re going 43kph at 300… I’d like to see the rider who can achieve that. So at 1000w how fast are you supposed to be going? 70kph? What size helmet are they using? The numbers might not be fake, but they’re certainly skewed. Probably represents a tiny rider with an enormous noggin, which he keeps perfectly still.

  9. Psi Squared on

    Hey, evil: AnalyticCycling.com calculates it requires a 75kg rider with an aero area of 0.5 sq. meters,a drag coefficient of 0.5, and a Crr of 0.004 on flat ground to put out 296.7W to go 43kph. Science trumps uninformed doubt every time.

  10. Sauron on

    I think it looks cool regardless of whether or not it gives aero benefits. It’s a hell of a lot better looking than Giro’s salad bowl.


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