Woodman pedal spindle mounted cadence magnets

Woodman’s new Cadenz magnets slot into the hex hole at the back if your pedal spindle to provide a very clean cadence magnet. No more zip ties or bulky stick-on magnets. Retail is $9 to $11. There’s also a similar looking Speedz spoke magnet with a one sided slot entry to fit round and blades spokes.

They had a few other cool things, too…

They’ve also got new chain catchers for braze on front derailleurs. There are two versions, one for mounting to integrated braze ons and the other to clamp mounts. They come with ti hardware and let you adjust derailleur position independently of the catcher arm position.

They also have new hubs that have very little rolling friction thanks to careful machining of both bearing seats simultaneously so theyre perfectly aligned. That’s coupled with engineering around how tolerances change from anodizing. That allows them to get a very easy rolling hub without using ultra expensive bearings or ceramics. Seriously, they are very smooth. They also have a very quick, freehub removal. Just unscrew the end cap and it pulls off quickly. You don’t even need to remove the cassette. That makes swaps easier if you frequently go between cassettes for different terrain, just order another freehub body. Or you could quickly swap a cassette between wheels. They’re all 11-speed compatible now, too.

These hubs weigh in at 212g for the carbon rear, 192g for alloy, and 89g for the front hubs in either material. They’re working on disc brake road hubs, too.



  1. been doing the super magnet on the back of the pedal spindle for years, noting new here except a way to lighten your wallet. Paul above has it right, those magnets work exactly the same as these with lighter weight too (for us weight weenies).

  2. Almost every single rear hub on the market has the same “very quick, freehub removal” set up. Most hub/wheel makers would never sell it as a feature though. Contamination of the oily/greasy pawl area is a recipe for disaster. Maybe if they had also included a way to protect your spare? And I’m really glad Woodman actually put some engineering into their products. /golfclap

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