Taipei Cycle Show: Vee Tire Co. Fatbike Tires - Bigger, Studded, 29+ and 27.5"+?

If you thought fat bikes would soon fade into the distance, you haven’t seen the show floors of the Taipei show. Fatbikes are everywhere and so are fatbike accessories. For a category that basically started with one option not too long ago, the amount of fatbike tires popping up is staggering and no one seems to be matching the pace of Vee Rubber. Now with 8 tires in their “Fat Tire” collection, Vee rubber is gunning for market share with high tech compounds, light weight casings, improved tread design and even the first 27.5″ “fatbike” tread.

What does that mean for the future of fatties? Read on to find out.

Taipei Cycle Show: Vee Tire Co. Fatbike Tires - Bigger, Studded, 29+ and 27.5"+?

Following in the tire tracks of their Snowshoe, the new Snowshoe XL measures in at a true 4.8″. The original Snowshoe came in undersized so they are relabeling the tire a 4.5″ to reflect the actual size. But the XL is about more than just size – in order to provide as much grip as possible the tire has a textured surface between the tread blocks. If that and low pressure alone aren’t cutting it, the new XL will be sold as a studded tire in addition to a studless version. Like the rest of the fatbike line up, the XL and Snowshoe will be offered in Vee’s Silca compount which basically uses sand mixed in with the rubber to increase grip and it lightens the rubber a bit as an added bonus.

Available in 72 or 120tpi casing with a folding bead, the Snowshoe XL studded tire will retail for $195 (120tpi), and the XL studless 120 will run $150.

Taipei Cycle Show: Vee Tire Co. Fatbike Tires - Bigger, Studded, 29+ and 27.5"+?

Taipei Cycle Show: Vee Tire Co. Fatbike Tires - Bigger, Studded, 29+ and 27.5"+?

If it’s a more aggressive fatbike tire you seek, the Bulldozer looks like it may live up to its name. Built with aggressive corner and transition knobs and a ramped center, the Bulldozer looks like a great tire for rallying your fatbike on the trails. Labeled a 4.7, the Bulldozer will come in 72 or 120 tpi and in wire or folding bead, with the 120tpi folding tire selling for $160.

Taipei Cycle Show: Vee Tire Co. Fatbike Tires - Bigger, Studded, 29+ and 27.5"+?

Taipei Cycle Show: Vee Tire Co. Fatbike Tires - Bigger, Studded, 29+ and 27.5"+?

The H-Billie is another new fatbike tire that is a bit smaller at 4.25″. With a ramped center an widely spaced knobs the H-Billie should perform similar to the Snowshoe, just a bit smaller. The H-Billie will be produced in the same casings and beads as the Bulldozer, and will retail for $140 at 120 tpi.

Taipei Cycle Show: Vee Tire Co. Fatbike Tires - Bigger, Studded, 29+ and 27.5"+?

Summer is coming and you want a fatbike tire built for hardpack trails or cruising to the beach? The Speedster was built for that. The smallest of the fatbike tires, the 3.5 Speedster is offered in the same 72 or 120tpi construction as the other tires.

Taipei Cycle Show: Vee Tire Co. Fatbike Tires - Bigger, Studded, 29+ and 27.5"+?

Taipei Cycle Show: Vee Tire Co. Fatbike Tires - Bigger, Studded, 29+ and 27.5"+?

Here’s where things really start to get interesting – the Trax Fatty, their new 869g 29+ tread, is also going to be offered in a 27.5″ version as well. The 29″ variety is 3″ wide,Β  while the 27.5″ tire will bump up to 3.25″. Who makes a bike for this new tire size? No one, yet. But according to Vee yet is the key word as there are a handful of big manufacturers that have expressed interest and are waiting on a tire. Who those manufacturers are we don’t know, but we can tell you the coming year will be exciting.



  1. Looking at the Vee Tire I don’t think it’ll be any better than the Surly tire in application. Kinda an odd tread pattern choice too.

  2. The Trax Fatty looks to have the same tread pattern as their Speed-R tire. I’ve been riding a pair of 650bx2.35 Speed-R’s tubeless for several months, and they’ve been great. Decent traction in dry conditions, great rolling resistance. They’re darn light, but don’t seem to be too flimsy.

  3. wow, I’m way out of touch with the fatbikes, I had no idea the tires were this expensive! I suppose it makes sense, I was just floored when I read these prices.
    What kind of “lifespan” can you get out of a fatbike tire? Do they last a lot longer since they have such a big surface area and low pressure?
    You are saving money on suspension forks and maintenance!

  4. For clearance reasons it would be good to have a 29 x 2.75mm to go the the 29 x 3.0. This would remedy the suspension fork issue w/ 3.0. Using a 2.75 or 2.80 casing would be more then enough for front suspension. I’m getting ready to build a custom 29+ frame and can see the issue w/ 3.0 clearance loud and clear (Fox seems to be the best clearance). These bikes are so damn fun to rip around on on regular non snow trails. Climbs relatively ok, rips on the DH and uses standard BB (single ring) and rear hub spacing. Most 29+ run a fat bike frame/spacing which is no bueno.

  5. Greg,

    These prices makes no sense when you compare the time and material that go into a motorcycle tire. This cycling industry is artificial at this point. But its staying afloat because people will pay these amounts. Absolutely crazy that bicycle tires cost this much.

  6. The cost is also high, due to the fact they sell so few of these things. New molds cost dollars, in some cases new machinery had to be bought and when you’re dealing with a market a fraction the size of the motorbike tire industry, prices are high.

    Also a lot more work goes into the tires make them light, yet stiff enough to be ridden on. Motorbike clients are not trying to shave 100g off their tire weight.

    It sucks, but just the way it crumbles.

  7. Morpheous – Do you say the same thing about racing car tires? Top level racing tires costs thousands, but have much less material than your normal car tire! My god, they must be ripping off the race teams! A bicycle tire isnt that expensive because it can be – it is what goes into them to keep them lightweight and ridable as a performance bicycle. A motorcycle tire is cheaper to make because of materials – and if you really want to, go ahead and ride that 10lb tire on your bike, it will save you some money!

    Remember that the top end of the cycling industry is using materials and techniques that you would not get until you start spending about a quarter mil on a car.

  8. while everyone is complaining about the price of the tires, maybe take a seat and look at the MSRP on Surly’s fat tire range. Prepare to be shocked!

  9. Very excited for the Trax Fatty. More options for the Krampus and Instigator 2.0 are going to be excellent. I’m VERY surprised the Instigator is going to have another tire option so soon, considering it hasn’t actually hit the market yet.

  10. i’m just wondering how vee rubber is developing all these snow tires, the company being based in tropical thailand and all…they must have pretty good research team

  11. Get your car-tire comparisons right outta here.

    Nobody is forcing you to buy these things. Bitching about expensive fatbike tires on the internet is the firstest world problem I have ever seen.

    Lay out the $$$, or get the f**k out.

  12. Vee rubbers tire names are so much better than Surly’s. can’t wait for better decals on my bike to. can Vee rubber please make decals for my bike????

  13. Wife won gravel worlds on a pair of Speedster’s & my FATBACK Ti, the tire is super fast rolling. only woman to beat her was in the cross category! pricing looks great on these new options, no complaints, keep up the good work.

  14. IMO the perfect all-year bike is a rigid Carbon 650b x 3.25. The day one appears for sale it’s in my garage, guaranteed. I’m a senior age Clydesdale rider for fun, not competition…well, if I can catch you on the downhill, I definitely will.

    I’ve ridden pretty much everything except 29 x 3.00.

  15. Am I missing something? No bikes using the 27.5 fats?

    Wouldn’t a 27.5 x 3.25 be a perfect summer wheel/tire for most fat bikes? Seems least likely to throw off the geometry.

  16. Just about every tire maker is sporting some type of fatness for this year. I saw one bike at Interbike claiming clearance for a 4″ 29r tread. It looked really weird though, with the rim being wider than the 3″ tires currently available. I just bought a Motobecane with said clearance, able to run true 26 fattys or 29+. Surely it has room for a 4″ front & rear, so it will be like when I built up my moonlander with Nates, then later got to experience the domination that “Bud & Lou” unleash. Like a whole new bike! *Also, try sitting on your tire with all your weight to test “sag”. You want it to flex out about half way, but no wrinkles. Thanks to Dave Lonestar*~)

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