Fix It Sticks’ original multitool came out last summer with an aluminum body and preset, non replaceable bits. They offered a unique take on the multitool in a lightweight, slim package.

Then, at Interbike, they showed steel bodied versions and units with replaceable bits that used the same two-piece, stick-together-to-form-a-T-handle design as the originals. The steel body was necessary to give it the strength to handle higher torque bolts (cranksets, BMX hubs, etc.), which proved to be very durable. So they fused the two sticks together for a Shop Tool version, creating what has quickly become one of my favorite tools…

Fixit Sticks shop tool - steel bicycle multi-tool with t-handle and replaceable bits

With three magnetic ports to hold your choice of replaceable bits, the Fix It Sticks T-Way Wrench lets you keep your most commonly used bits handy for faster repairs. For instance, in the pic below, you need a T25 along with various allens to mount and set up Avid’s BB7 road calipers. Normally, this would require reaching for several different tools, but set up the T-Way with the appropriate bits and you can stay on task, saving a good bit of time over the entire job.

It comes with seven bits, holding three on the body and four in a small plastic tube. But, it’ll work with any standard 1/4″ bit, and most of us have an assortment lying around (the red sleeves of bits are available from PrestaCycle, also a killer mini tool set).

Fixit Sticks shop tool - steel bicycle multi-tool with t-handle and replaceable bits

Functionally, the T-Way has two major advantages over the common tri-wrenches. First, you can replace the bits, and they’re held in place with magnets and haven’t once popped out accidentally. Second, the longer “stick” lets you get it into tight places easier.

Or if you need more torque, use the desired bit in the top section and use the longer arm for more leverage. They’re rated to 30 ft/lb (40 newton meters) of torque. The small sleeve on the long part spins freely, captured by rubber o-rings. This makes it easy to hold and spin the top part for quickly turning looser bolts in or out. It also helps it sit up a bit higher in a tray (as shown) so it’s easier to grab.

As of this story, the T-Way is available for pre-order for $25 and includes 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm hex and Torx 25 bits. If you order two for $45, you also get a bonus bit pack with 1/4 Socket Adaptor, 8mm Hex, Phillips #1, Phillips #3, Slotted (5mm wide), Torx 10 and Torx 20.

They’re shipping Kickstarter orders now, but founder Brian Davis expects to finish those up and have inventory to fill standard orders within two weeks. Once that happens, price goes to $29.95, so you save five bucks by preordering.


  1. @topmounter YES, any 1/4″ bit will work with Fix It Sticks replaceables versions. This is why I didn’t go with flip-flop bits that would be custom made. “Open source” tools if you will.

  2. I have the original Fix-It Stick and was able to get a T-Way early to use out at the tour ofvGila where I wrenched for my team. Hands down the best 3 way on the market. It’s become one of my go to tools as well.

  3. I love my original fix-it sticks and already had the T-way ordered via kickstarter. So glad to see this startup getting some attention!

  4. Matt.
    Get anything from feedback sports. The top-end pro one is awesome and versatile, but even the basic ones feature a tripod design which is super stable, I’ve used the Pro in the shop to work on tandems before – very stable.

  5. Nice looking tool. But why show a product that isn’t even made or offered by the Fix It people? Its very misleading. From the 2nd pic, it shows that the clear plastic tube comes with the purchase. However, the red bit holder does not come with the Fix-it package. In fact, the article says that the “red sleeves of bits are available from PrestaCycle”. It’s called, so what? Get that part out of there.

  6. Dang. Wish I’d paid more attention to the kickstarter, I’d have funded for these. Wasn’t really interested in the pack version, but this shop version looks like the solution to a lot of niggling issues I have with things like 3-ways.

  7. @Brian Davis Thanks, and I’ll be ordering one for sure, but I like to get in and support people on kickstarter when I can. It’s not ALWAYS about getting things cheaper. =P

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