Ya know, we figured it was only a matter of time before someone engineered new end caps or axles to fit the Rockshox RS-1’s oversized 27mm fork-to-axle interface. After all, it’s all attached using the same 15mm Maxle thru axle they’ve been running for years. But we didn’t think it’d be this quick!

DT Swiss has just announced RS-1 compatible 240 hubs and XR/XM 1501 Spline One 29er wheelset to fit the inverted fork. The 240’s are based on their long-standing hub design but with a second unique twist: It marries straight pull spoke design with a 6-bolt rotor mount. Normally, they offer standard j-bend spoke flanges with IS 6-bolt mounts or straight pull with Centerlock, so hopefully this union will find it’s way to standard axle options in the future, too. Centerlock rotors’ inside mounting diameter is around 33mm, so they probably could have fit, but with 6-bolt the prevalent item on the trails, we’re pretty happy to see this.

UPDATED: Upgrade compatibility added at bottom of post.

The 240s Predictive Steering hub comes in at 178g, 60g more than their standard 240s (with Centerlock), and has 28 spoke holes. Price is $279 (€189). Now, the wheels…

DT Swiss XM1501 and XR1501 Predictive Steering RS-1 mountain bike wheels

DT Swiss introduced their Spline One wheels last year, using a new hub design, new rims and new nipples to create a lightweight, adaptable and easy-to-service wheelset. Proving the modularity of the system, they were able to quickly adapt these to fit the new RS-1, too.

Two models will be offered, the XR 1501 and XM 1501. The XR is the XC version with a 24mm wide rim (20mm internal) and a claimed weight of 1540g for the set, only 20g more than the standard 29er set, and all 20g of additional weight should be at the hub. Retail is $1,298 (€829).

The XM 1501 is the “all mountain” version with a 26mm wide rim (22.5mm internal) and 1700g claimed weight with the same 20g bonus. Retail is $1,339 (€849). The rear wheels are unchanged and can be ordered with standard freehubs or the XD driver body. Wheels include tubeless rim tape and valve stem kits.

All items should be available mid-summer 2014. We’re checking on whether you’ll be able to upgrade your existing hubs or wheels and if you can buy a front wheel only, update as we get it.

UPDATE: The hubs are their own platform, so you won’t be able to upgrade existing 240 hubs to fit the RS-1. Same goes for the Spline hubs, but front wheels and Spline hubs will be available separately so you can upgrade piecemeal.



  1. Or this was pre-determined and because Sram is using DT Swiss internals on Roam 60 wheels, they are working together and DT got to be the first company to build an RS1 compatible aftermarket hub

  2. @Bill, I saw this coming too when they launched the RS-1/proprietary front hub combo. DT is fabricating for many other brands, so it’s just a matter of time before more diverse options hit the market…

  3. SRAM’s axle “standard” is patent pending, so you probably won’t see a lot of compatible hubs rushing to market. Not to mention the market for hubs for an $1800 fork is going to be inherently limited..)

    I can imagine we might see a Chris King or Industry 9 hub as well, as RS1 sales would probably benefit from the perception that SRAM isn’t locking you into buying their own hubs and wheels.

  4. As already discussed few weeks ago with DT directly, I find very disappointing not to be able to “upgrade” my DT240 TA (20mm) to predictive steering.

  5. Is SRAM selling the fork with a ‘no hub’ option? I don’t think they are. I feel like the market for this hub will be incredibly small in the already incredibly small market for the RS-1 fork.

  6. @jordi – The hubs simply aren’t compatible. No way to introduce a conversion kit for the old hubs

    @Derek – The fork doesn’t not include a hub, but requires a dedicated “predictive steering” hub. That means, either a SRAM or DT hubs or complete wheel. With this announcement, I believe we now have 2 hubs and 4 wheels to choose from.

  7. I need one of those predictive steering whatever.
    It’s been a nightmare since the new RS1 was revealed, never actually realized that my steering was unpredictable, but from then, I just move the bars, but the bike goes wherever she wants.
    Predictive Steering, where are thou?

  8. @mateo: the oversized 240 hub has an internal axel of 25 mm where the adapters for 20 mm, QR, 15 mm are screwed. Why is not possible then an adapter fitting the 27 mm of the RS-1?

  9. Is the predictive steering design unable to get he screw in part for centre lock over it? (Not that they would do this intentionally or anything!)

  10. Woulda been better to add these hubs to a right side up fork weighing a pound less than to use them to partially compensate for the poor rigidity of a fork without a brake bridge.

  11. There is a reason that you can not convert the current DT oversize hub. First, the disc spacing is different for the RS-1, and second the bearings required are specific to the “Predictive Steering” hub.

  12. How can SRAM try to patent knurled hub ends when they were required by the CPSC to retain hubs with standard dropouts in 1974?

    I had “Predictive Steering Hubs” on my 1975 Huffy. SRAM trying to sell knurled hub faces as something NEW is a joke.

  13. Whew! I was worried we might go a whole week without seeing some more incompatible proprietary “standards”, guaranteeing every parts maker has to make 3 of each of 700 different sku’s and no LBS anywhere can stock it all and all those inflated costs can be passed on to us. Good job profit engineering, SRAM.

  14. This fork is using a simple 15mm axle. No matter how they try to market it, it will flex big time. Fork is heavier, hub is heavier…

    BUT!!! If crappy press fit and bb30 standard has been a big shit in durability, and a huge success in sales, this new crap from RS will be a big success too!!!

  15. The 15QR is merely a skewer on most hubs anyways. It’s not an axle. The axles on many hubs before the 5mm QR skewer bit the dust were at least 17mm in size. 20mm isn’t the beefiest anyways–there was the Maverick and then there’s still the Lefty, with the new supermax Lefty 1-upping that.

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