We got a pretty detailed break down of Manitou’s newest rear shock recently at Sea Otter, but seeing how we’re here at Press Camp in Park City, UT, it seems fitting for local ripper Eric Porter show it off. Perfectly matched with the Mattock fork, the McLeod is the latest in a line of drastically improved Manitou suspension products that you’ll have to ride to believe.

Password: mcleod


  1. Glad to see a new choice but the basic question of what makes it unique is unanswered. Are there any solid differentiators over the competition?

  2. I have been talking with Manitou about this shock for some time. In the past they have always done right by me with all types of tuning help, sending out parts free of charge, having engineers that actually ride call me back on questions, and what not. I love my Tower Pro 100mm on my XC hardtail and now that I am building up a fs trail bike the Fox CTD that is currently on it will not be living there for very long.

    As towards any differentiators from the competition, well the IPA is supposed to work very much like the CTD on the Fox shocks giving the rider a selectable set of locking/platform control from super plush (full open) to lockout (climbing). From there, there is a smaller knob that will actually let you adjust the rebound control on the shock to allow for further fine tuning. This is all hearsay though as this is the information I have received via email talking with Manitou and the other articles that are out there on the web.

    Here is the link to the small setup manual http://www.manitoumtb.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Shock-Manual-McLeod-Insert.pdf

    I am excited to see this come out, however looks like it will initially start showing up on OEM bikes and then release to the public later in the year.

  3. Forgot to add… now if we can get them to make the Mattoc in a 29’r size they would have a solution for all aspects 29’r (XC 32mm= Marvel, XC/Trail 32mm= Minute, Trail/AM/Enduro 34mm=Mattoc!!!)

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