White Industries has updated virtually all of their hubs to have 11-speed ready freehub bodies, bringing things up to speed with modern standards. They’ve also switched to 100% titanium freehub bodies across all rear hubs. Sure, the material is a bit more expensive and wears the milling equipment a bit quicker, but overall it’s a savings for them because of the additional heat treating and processing their steel parts required. Time + Effort = Money, after all. The added bonus is they’re about 20g lighter!

Shown above is the Tandem rear hub with its new 11-speed freehub.

And there are a few other little tweaks, too…


Even the MI5 mountain bike hubs get an 11-speed compatible freehub.


The XD Driver Bodies are also milled from titanium, now available on their CLD (Centerlock Disc) hubs, letting you run an 11-speed SRAM mountain bike cassette on a road or ‘cross build. Because who knows what’s coming down the pipeline…


They updated their 15mm thru axle design with a slight relief on the inside edge that fits Mavic axle end caps. That lets you quickly change to 9mm QR, and Mavic’s caps are cheap online. They’re also working on their own axle ends for that conversion, but there’s no rush since the Mavic ones are so easy to find and affordable.


Everyone’s got fat bike hubs these days, and theirs are humorously dubbed SnoWhite. Also available and polished, and now offered with the XD Driver Body, too.



  1. I recently own an MI6 rear disc hub from 2013. The cassette body is in steel and is shimano-sram 8/9/10 speeds compatible.

    I am interested to use it with a shimano 11 speeds cassette, is it possible to switch just the cassette body without needing to redish the wheel’s spokes ?

  2. I much prefer the smaller, non-contrasting branding on my older WI hubs. On my latest, disc build I went with DT 240s with decals removed largely for that reason. I do prefer the ti freehub body of the WI over the aluminum DT and would have stuck with WI if they didn’t offend my eyes now. I’d take either over fiddle-y, non-centerlock CK.

  3. Brad – Ditto. The high polish, unique shape of them before was enough to know what they were. If they milled before anodizing, I’d have used them over the King set I built for an xmas gift for my gal.

    And their 6 bolt model is kind of ugly. the CLD is a big improvement, though.

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