TrainerRoad showed us a beta of their iOS app at Interbike, and now it’s available for download through the App Store. The app puts virtually all of the features of the desktop version (Mac or PC) onto your iPhone, giving you a portable coach for just $10/month.

In a nutshell, TrainerRoad provides more than 800 workouts and 40 training plans, plus the ability to create your own workouts, for a monthly subscription fee. What sets it apart from other coaching/training services is that it interacts with the Bluetooth and ANT+ sensors on your bike to show your output in real time on the screen, whether that’s your laptop, desktop or iPhone. And, if you have the Wahoo Kickr, it’ll even send data back to the trainer to adjust resistance automatically, syncing it with the workout you’ve chosen or even a Sufferfest video! They’ve also added sync’d workouts for Epic Rides, CycloCore, Real Rides, Ride Fit, Endurance Films, Cyclefilm, Spinervals, 3LC and TrailTrainer.

The app is currently optimized for the iPhone’s smaller screen, but it’ll work on the iPads, also. They’ll have an iPad optimized version in the future. Screenshots below…




  1. I hate that I’m do confused by all of this! I’m not that old old of a Luddite yet! Haven’t even hit 30 and I can’t wrap my head around this. If I’m using a garmin 500 and an iPad these won’t link up, right? I still need a dongle or whatever the heck? I’m only using HR as well. Worth using? Seems pretty cool if I knew how to use it.

  2. This is a great program- been using it with my iPhone and Wahoo Kicker. Many super workouts, and compliments to the staff on quick customer support

  3. @chris

    Your iPad isn’t ANT+ compatible, so it can only receive signals from ANT+ devices through the use of a dongle. However if your heart rate, power and cadence sensors are Bluetooth ready (ie. Wahoo, polar, etc), the iPad can pick them up directly.

    The Edge 500 is just another receiver of sensors, so it has nothing to do with communication to Trainer Road.

  4. Love TrainerRoad!

    Was skeptical on the iOS app, but it’s really well done and now I plan on using a specific TrainerRoad ride for my pre-race warm up. Thanks nate & reid

  5. Hey Guys,

    Sorry for the delayed responses.

    @Terry, Chader, Rodrigo – As of now we are iOS only. We had to pick a platform to develop for first, and over 90% of our users had iOS. We are not opposed to the idea of building for different platforms and will build according to demand. We’re just a small enough operation that something like this is still a massive undertaking 🙂

    @mtbtec – Of course! As long as you can mount your fatbike up to the trainer and don’t mind replacing your ear drums 😉

    @Chris – Denny is spot on. TrainerRoad speaks directly to your wireless sensors, so no need for a head unit (like your Garmin). A Bluetooth capable speed sensor is all you would need to get started 🙂

    @Will, DKelvar – Thanks guys! Glad we can help 🙂

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