nahbs 2015 bilenky cycle works
Bilenky kept things rather mild this year, and brought only a handful of bikes. We saw the tandem at the Philly Bike Expo, and there’s a new track frame and a coupled travel touring bike. But the headliner was the e-cargo bike for the Shimano STePS competition.
Built around the motorized gear box, the frame shows all the quality Bilenky is known for, but maintains a much cleaner, simpler look than some of the wild creations we’ve seen in the past. That’s not to say it doesn’t have a few delightful surprises…

nahbs 2015 bilenky

The battery is placed inside the cargo platform, which is carved around the headset and bolted to the main steerer tube.

2015 nahbs bilenky cycle works steps motor

The STePS motor is enclosed inside a gear box to offer pedal assist, using rider input and bicycle speed to determine output.

nahbs 2015 bilenky cycle works cargo bike

It’s little touches like a cork washer…

nahbs 2015 bilenky cycle works cargo bike steps motor

…and the integrated speed sensor mount that set it apart.


The kickstand folds back under the front wheel, swiveling a crossbar in front of the tire as a bumper. A small catch behind the tire holds the kickstand up while riding.

nahbs 2015 bilenky

Like the cargo bike, their track frame is also very simple, but not without nice custom touches like an S-curved seatstay…


…and indented chainstays to improve tire clearance. The downtube has a tear drop hexagonal shape to boost stiffness.

bilenky cycle works

This touring bike uses S&S Couplers to break down for easy travel, decorated with plenty of chrome, retro-styled accoutrements.


  1. “the frame shows all the quality Bilenky is known for, but maintains a much cleaner, simpler look”

    Does it bother anyone else that they couldn’t miter the front rack tubes properly, instead opting for ease of construction and leaving jutting pointed tube ends sticking out?

  2. It bothers me also, but I’ll bet it was a last minute bodge-up for the show.
    Those 80/20 extrusions were probably laying around for jigs, and were pressed into service when a custom rack to fit the battery wasn’t ready. They certainly don’t fit the character of the rest of the bike. I guess I can forgive them though, otherwise cool bike.

  3. I agree about the rack frame. Even as a last-minute thing, those side corners could easily damage clothing or skin of someone walking up. Once it’s a safety issue, it’s inexcusable.

    3D print a bumper to cover those corners maybe if there’s no time to miter or bevel?

  4. Hi Tyler,

    I appreciate all of the NAHBS coverage but have a question for you. What is so ‘special’ about the ”integrated speed sensor” on this Bilenky?

    From here it looks like an off the shelf STEPS sensor screwed to the chainstay. In fact its even missing the rubber screw cover….

    Not that this is not a great bike, but I am sure there are many cooler things at this show to highlight than this absolutely stock / not special part.

    just curious.

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