Vittoria-Pave-CG_All-Black_spring-classics_road-tubular-tire_wheel-build_Bicycle-Cafe Vittoria-Pave-CG_All-Black_spring-classics_road-tubular-tire_tread_Bicycle-Cafe
photos courtesy of our friends at Bicycle Cafe in Prague 

As we watched Strade Bianche a couple of weeks back, it was pretty easy to spot all the riders that started the day on sponsor correct black or skin-wall tires and ended up on the Vittoria neutral support wheels clad in their uniquely green and rough road-proven Pavé CG tubulars after flatting. Now maybe as a bid to get more teams to sneak their excellent classics tires past their own sponsors, as well as to appeal to all those riders who want a better color match to their bikes, Vittoria has a new All Black version of the Pavé CG.

Join us after the break for details and pricing….

Vittoria-SC-Strade-Bianche-2015-Pave-CG-green_Jolien-D-hoore Vittoria-Servizio-Corsa_neutral-support_Tirreno-Adriatico-2015-Pave-CG-snow-covered-roof Vittoria-Servizio-Corsa_neutral-support_Tirreno-Adriatico-2015_Qurano-60_Pave-CG-wheels
Strade Bianche & Tirreno-Adriatico photos courtesy of Vittoria neutral support

As Vittoria calls them “the classic of the Classics”, the Pavé CG was built for these early season one day races over the rough and cobbled roads of Northern Europe, and they have been a pro favorite for races like Paris-Roubaix and the Tour of Flanders for many years. The green version will continue on, as it is one of Vittoria’s most beloved and best selling tires, and will probably still dominate the pro peloton through the Spring Classics. But now for those of us who don’t already ride the proper color green bike, All Black will be a more universal option.

Vittoria-Pave-CG_All-Black_spring-classics_road-tubular-tire_cut-away Vittoria-Pave-CG_Green_spring-classics_road-tubular-tire_cut-away Vittoria-Pave-CG_spring-classics_road-tubular-tire_cut-away_details


The Pavé CG tires excel on rough and slippery roads with a small file tread pattern, a 320tpi cotton CorespunK casing with Kevlar threads for extra durability, a flat protection barrier under the tread, and long-time availability in both 25 and 27mm widths. Handmade in both tubular (82€/$120/£68) and open clinchers (55€/$75/£46), all variants are now available in the all black edition. We’ve been happily riding the classic green ones for a couple seasons, and will be glad to glue on the lower key black version for a test on this season’s cobbles.


  1. @Cory
    Not true, the Open Pave has been available in black before – perhaps more limited but available. Biketiresdirect definitely sold the black version for a time.

  2. Ahh maybe that’s the confusion…Pave CG (tubular) vs. Open Pave CG (clincher). Clincher was available black, but cannot comment on whether the tubular was. Apologies.

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