Martone designs bikes that are just as at home on the streets as they are as artwork on your apartment’s living room wall. New for this season are two new colorways, a new mini-model, and a series of hand-adorned art bikes rolling out online – all sporting the brand’s iconic red chains and style. Gallery hop past the break for more…

In the M-ART-ONE series, which is rolling out as we speak, Matone sought out LA and NYC-based artists to turn complete bicycles into one-off masterpieces – keeping with the functional art theme of the line. Shown above, artist Shantell Martin has created a graffiti-inspired black and white piece of rideable art, available now online. We can expect themes with gold leaf, melting Neopolitan ice cream, animal crackers, and rainbows from artists such as Fallen Fruit, ToMo, and Sket One. LA-based artist pieces are available now at Fred Segal.
Martone_pacific_men Martone_pacific_women

Two new colorways are being debuted in the line, the first being the Pacific in mint greens and blues with red accents. Both men’s and women’s versions feature 42mm x 32H alloy rims, 32c tires, riser bars for upright riding, front and rear brakes, a front wheel stabilizer, and a double kickstand anodized to match.

Martone_lajolla_close-up Martone_lajolla_basket

If you’re more into purple, there is an “A Rola” option for both women’s and men’s versions that will fit the bill. The women’s version of the model comes with a front basket that is actually rigidly integrated into the handlebars. Drivetrains for each also feature a 2-speed SRAM AUTOMATIX hub.

Martone_mia_red Martone_mia_red_basket

Last but not least is the Mia, a 20in compact version of the other models. It comes with a front brake only, but otherwise has the same features including an optional basket and two speed hub. The smaller wheels make it easier to store for people who may not have as much room on their living room wall for bike display.


  1. Not only are the bikes hideous looking (yes, that’s just my opinion), the saddle angles are just wrong (that’s a fact).

  2. Who doesn’t know that an all white bike is a fashion faux paux. (Ghost Bike)

    Also, where can I get some all white ’29’er tires not that Geax’s rare ones are gone? I’d love a pair to match my white wheels!

  3. 1) Colorway is not a word. Stop it.

    2) “Iconic”? Colnago is iconic. Masi is iconic. Makers that have history are iconic. Mart-who? Sorry, no.

  4. Any NYC-based artist dealing with bicycle design should understand the ghost-bike phenomenon there. This white bike is a little like driving around a Hearse. I mean, you could, but it’s a little morbid.

  5. Now introducing the new Wal-Mart-One and K-Mart-One. Hey look everybody! I put a red chain on all these crappy bikes and called them functional art. Please stop, Martone.

  6. @ Adam : You can change the angle of the saddle if you don’t like it. You can even change the saddle… isn’t it amazing 😉

  7. I’m back again, still feeling sick. Calling these bikes art is an insult to every street artist, graphic artist, sign artist, still images artist, and photographic artist everywhere. These designers might be con-artists but that’s where any artistry ends.

  8. “The smaller wheels make it easier to store for people who may not have as much room on their living room wall for bike display.”

    This is a joke right? Like it must be, surely?

  9. I looked at these bikes again, just to make sure the images weren’t like those holograms that change into a different image. Well they aren’t. They are actual serious bike designs. Is there somewhere we can fill out a complaint form?

  10. Okay seriously now though. These bikes surely do have a market, it just may not be with many readers of BikeRumour (I could be wrong?). I’m sure some teenagers would like these…

  11. So I really couldn’t help but check out this brands website. When I saw the price of the bikes I fell off my couch.

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