Urge-bike_Drift_full-face-helmet_side-worn Urge-bike_Drift_full-face-helmet_front-worn

Urge Bike Products makes a wide range of helmets geared mostly toward aggressive mountain bike riding, and very often at the premium side of the market. With the introduction of the new full-face Drift and hard-shell All-In, they’ve managed to simplify their designs a bit and bring the price way down. At the same time, the new helmets make no sacrifice in safety, delivering excellent coverage and protection at a more affordable price point and competitive weights.

Jump past the break for a closer look at the two new helmets, as well as some of their tech details and pricing…


The two new helmets from Urge that we saw at Eurobike both had a singular purpose: offer protection at a lower buy-in to get more people riding Urge helmets. Both incorporate a touch of Urge styling, but keep costs low with simpler materials, designs, and graphics, while still keeping your head safe.

Urge-bike_Drift_full-face-helmet_white_3-4_studio Urge-bike_Drift_full-face-helmet_green_front_studio

The Urge Drift is a true high value Enduro and DH helmet. An affordable full face at less than a kilo is pretty hard to find, but Urge look to have done well with it. The Drift has a wide front opening for good visibility, goggle compatibility, and breathability. It also gets a large number of strategically located small to medium-sized vents that should work together for decent ventilation. It really looks like a good first full-face buy for someone looking to get into the more extreme side of riding.

Urge-bike_Drift_full-face-helmet_green_top_studio Urge-bike_Drift_full-face-helmet_black_rear-3-4_studio Urge-bike_Drift_full-face-helmet_white_back_studio


The Drift gets a lightweight polycarbonate shell, with several mesh-protected vents, a soft breathable padding liner, plus an adjustable ABS visor. It will be available in 5 sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) and 4 colors (white, black, green, and red). At 929g, the new Drift meets CE/CPSC/AS standards for protection, and will be available in October 2015 for just 100€.


Urge’s All-In is an all-new affordable mountain bike helmet geared towards the more gravity-fueled side of riding. In follows on the update to their EndurOmatic line offering a bit more durability and value.

Urge-bike_All-In_half-shell-helmet_blue_side_studio Urge-bike_All-In_half-shell-helmet_green_3-4_studio

Ventilation should still be pretty decent, but protection and lower costs were a bit higher priorities to make it appeal to a broader group of mountain bikers.

Urge-bike_All-In_half-shell-helmet_black_top_studio Urge-bike_All-In_half-shell-helmet_blue_rear-3-4_studio

The All-In uses a hard shell that comes deep down the back of the head to offer excellent coverage. It includes a molded-in spine in the back to make it work well with goggles as well, or without for better ventilation.

Urge-bike_All-In_half-shell-helmet_visor Urge-bike_All-In_half-shell-helmet_retention-dial

It has an adjustable ABS visor with Urge’s signature hole, and a micro-adjustable dial to fine tune the fit. The All-In comes in a wide 5 size range (XS, S, M, L, XL). It will be available in four colors: white, black, blue, and green. Weight is claimed at 445g, and it meets CE and CPSC standards. The All-In will also be available in October 2015 for just 50€.



  1. @CeeJay Was just thinking the same thing, it doesn’t even match up with a big round vent in the helmet like it used to (that said, Urge’s big round vents seem to be 90% appearance, 10% performance.)

  2. Yes, Antoine – it’s a open model manufactured by a Chinese company that does business as SMS Helmets. In the case of the Urge, they’re using a unique visor.

    See also:

    Kali Savara
    661 Comp
    Demon Podium
    Uvex hlmt 9

    Here’s the original manufacturer on Ali:http://bit.ly/1KvyfnC

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