We saw the highlights of Cannondale’s 2016 road bike lineup this summer, where they introduced the all-new CAAD12 alloy frames, the premium lightweight SuperSix EVO and updated spec for the Synapse. We weighed all of them, too. And then we featured the Slate gravel road bike in its own detailed post. So, Eurobike was mainly about filling in the gaps with the small details. And seeing the Black Inc. collection

Above, the Synapse Hi-Mod Disc Black Inc. endurance road bike gets Cannondale’s own Hollowgram SL carbon disc brake wheels with 700×28 Schwalbe One tubeless ready tires, Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 with hydraulic brakes, the SiSL2 cranks with one-piece Spidering, FSA SL-K carbon seatpost and Cannondale carbon bar and alloy stem with ti bolts. All yours for the low, low price of $9,590.

The rest of the Synapse line gains more disc models, with 6 of 11 getting rotors instead of rim brakes. Pricing heads south from the Black Inc. model, all the way down to $1,840 for a carbon frame with Tiagra. Alloy disc brake bikes come in at $1,570 with 105 and $1,250 with Tiagra.


CAAD12 prices run from $5,860 down to 105 for $1,680. Seven models total, three with disc brakes, which have a lighter frame than the rim brake bikes!


In the mid-level, there’s a new Cannondale Si crank that’s one piece forged to be hollow in the center. It gets a new Spidering with eight arms instead of ten. That makes it less expensive to manufacture, and it’s only 30g heavier, so you’ll see it popping up further down the line soon. There’s also a new Si entry level crank that’ll bring the same aesthetics but is forged and then relieved on the backside.


That $5,860 price point for the alloy wonder bike belongs to the CAAD12 Black Inc. It gets top level SiSL2 cranks and Spidering with Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 mechanical, Cannondale alloy bar and stem (with ti bolts, of course) and a carbon SAVE flex seatpost, Mavic Ksyrium Pro with Yksion Pro 700×25 tires, and a Fizik Arione R3 saddle.


At the other end of the Black Inc. price spectrum are the SuperSix Evo Black Inc. (above) and the Slice Hi-Mod Black Inc. TT/triathlon bike (below).

The SuperSix Evo comes in at $12,790 with mechanical Dura-Ace 9000, ENVE Smart 4.5 tubulars built on Chris King hubs with Schwalbe One 700×24 tires,  an ENVE Smart SES aero handlebar and carbon stem and Cannondale SAVE carbon seatpost, Fizik Arione 00 full carbon saddle and SiSL2 cranks.


The Slice Hi-Mod Black Inc. is a bit lower at $10,660 with Dura-Ace Di2 shifted by their TT bar end button pods, Mavic CXR60 carbon wheels and Schwalbe One 700×25 tires, FSA Vision carbon base bar with Trimax aero extensions and OS98 stem, Fizik Arione TriTone saddle and SiSL2 crank arms mated to Vision Trimax 53/39 rings.


Here’s Andrew Talansky’s  (USA, obviously, Cannondale-Garmin team) Tour de France Slice.



Check out more Cannondale-Garmin team bikes from this year’s Tour de France here.


The SuperX cyclocross line doesn’t change, but the bikes do see spec updates to keep them timely. The top of the line Hi-Mod CX1 uses the Wolf Tooth Components narrow-wide chainring on Si cranks with an otherwise SRAM CX1 build, Stan’s Grail Team wheels with Schwalbe OneX 33c tires and Cannondale alloy cockpit with Fabric saddle. Retail is $5,330. Below it are a Rival 1×11 build for $2,660, Ultegra 2×11 for $3,730 and 105 2×11 for $2,980. All are carbon with their BallisTec fibers to toughen ’em up, but only the top model gets the lightest Hi-Mod frame. For fans of alloy, the CAADX bikes come in four different builds, all with double chainring setups, ranging from Ultegra at $2,130 down to Sora for just $1,080…all with disc brakes, no more cantilevers anywhere in the CX lineup from Cannondale.


Closeup of the Wolf Tooth Components narrow/wide chainring for Hollowgram cranksets. Check the full story on it here.


Of all the bikes Cannondale launched this year, none was more hyped or intriguing than the gravel/adventure tuned Slate. Similar to their FS-i hardtail, it uses flattened SAVE seat- and chainstays along with big, fat 650B tires inside a frame that’s sized like a road bike. That gives it the speed to keep up on the pavement and the traction and cush to tame anything else.


We’ve covered it extensively here, here and here, but the basics are: All new Lefty Oliver with 30mm travel and 650B wheels with geometry for all-day riding on rough surfaces. The top model is the Slate CX1, which gets the purple anodized cranks and hubs and a new narrow/wide 1x Spidering. Retail is $4,260 with a custom 42mm wide tire made for them by Panaracer. Below that is the Ultegra bike for $3,250 and a 105 build for $2,980.



  1. “That makes it less expensive to manufacture, and it’s only 30g heavier, so you’ll see it popping up further down the line soon. There’s also a new Si entry level crank that’ll bring the same aesthetics but is forged and then relieved on the backside.”

    In other words none of the benefits of using SISL cranks (weight primarily, and stiffness) I guess? You get what you pay for, but seems weird to make the inferior cranks look the same as the more expensive ones (brand dilution and all that). I’d be interested to see the back of the crank arm and a weight.

    I say this as someone with 3 sets of hollowgram cranks on Cannondale bikes, including one with a spiderring.

  2. Mike – don’t most companies do that to some degree? 105 cranks look similar to Ultegra or Chorus cranks looks similar to Record and Super Record. C-dale does clearly shows its an Si instead of an SiSL via labeling.

  3. will never understand why the big ‘C’ will not produce a gravel grinder with a carbon headshock fork. (With 700c wheels please, and space for 2.1 mtb slicks).

  4. what is up with all the bike companies producing Black bikes?? that is the Last color I would paint a road bike, No motorist would pay any attention to you.

  5. @scentofreason – 700c gravel grinders are actually pretty stupid. You may not understand it, and it may seem foreign to you, but unless you’re like 6’2″, 650b works much, much better for this purpose.

  6. @ scentofreason. +1 on the headship comment. A bike with headship would look so much nicer and be more practical to be able to use standard wheels. I wonder if the whole use of the lefty is to market this bike to the mountain bike customers?

  7. I love the new stuff! Nice to see cannondale is still doing their own thing. LOVE the spider rings! Looks so good! Beast of the East! Slate! they’re wierd and cool!

  8. @Scentofreason:
    “will never understand why the big ‘C’ will not produce a gravel grinder with a carbon headshock fork. (With 700c wheels please, and space for 2.1 mtb slicks).”

    You will never understand it because you’ve clearly never actually designed a frame!! There are these things called chainstays. Stuffing a fat tire between them while still being able to run a road crank isn’t easy. It comes down to one of three things:
    1) You can make the chainstays longer which messes up handling.
    2) You can make the bottom bracket wider which isn’t great for your knees (keep in mind on road bike you don’t move around as much so fit becomes FAR more important)
    3) You can make the diameter of the rim smaller this allowing for a higher volume tire.

    650b evolved decades ago for a very good reason – it’s because back then most roads were gravel and people wanted to be comfortable, especially when doing long rides. There’s a reason so many bikes entered in the technical trials (which you’ve probably never even heard of!) used 650b.

  9. I really don’t understand why cannondale went with 650 for their dirt road bike? A 700c wheel is simply faster in this application. I think it would be a really cool bike if it had a normal road wheel on it otherwise pass.

  10. @Mike I think they mean 30g more than the SISL2, probably at half the price.

    The other hollow backside SI crank they mention is the “105 level crank”, which comes on 105 level specced bikes. Naming system is a little confusing but basically there are 3 levels of cranks.

    SISL2 = two part hollow clamshell
    Hollowgram SI = hollow single piece construction similar to Ultegra
    SI = hollow backside similar to 105

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