100% has been showing their Aircraft helmet with full carbon/kevlar composite shell since back in April at the Sea Otter Classic, and are finally ready for it to take off. As you would expect it is light, and no doubt stylish, but it’s also built to be as safe as it is functional.

Gap past the break to see what all went into this carbon/kevlar beauty and why it’s still a product of function over fashion…

100 pct (2)IMG_5924

100%’s Aircraft model has 25 intake and exhaust vents that send airflow throughout the helmets passageways which 100% claims should make it one of, if not the coolest full-face helmet on the market. It is also compatible with all popular neck brace systems and comes with a washable, antibacterial liner, cheek pads, and chin strap covers.

100 pct (3) fin

Ejection System

If one thing were to overshadow its beauty, the Aircraft’s safety features take the cake. The cheek pads have small pull tabs that are accessible while still on the rider’s head that when pulled straight down, pop the cheek pads loose letting them safely slide out without moving the rider’s head. Shown in the illustration above, the helmet is also compatible with an inflatable Eject Helmet Removal System that can be aired up by a hand pump or CO2 to safely remove the helmet without placing any strain or pressure on the rider’s neck or spine. 1005 isn’t the first to incorporate the Eject System into a helmet, but for those that go big the inclusion could be welcome (though hopefully the rider will never need it).

The Aircraft meets ASTM Downhill and BMX standards while complying with ASTM, CPSC, CE, and AS / NZ bicycle standards.

100 pct (1)

The 100% Aircraft comes with a prostyle padded race bag with an integrated goggle pocket to protect it while being transported.

FA-15-Aircraft-Bi-Turbo-Blue FA-15-Aircraft-Bi-Turbo-Red

FA-15-Aircraft-R8-White FA-15-Aircraft-Raw-Black

The Aircraft Helmet is engineered with 2 shell and 3 EPS sizes to provide the best fit in each of the 5 sizes. The Aircraft comes in XS, S, M, L, & XL in all four colors shown above and retails for $400.





  1. yogibimbi on

    What’s the deal with carbon fibre in helmets? Wouldn’t you rather want to use kevlar? Carbon fibre is more pull resistant, but kevlar is much more resistant against impact.


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