Posted to their Instagram account, this image shows a seemingly new remote dropper post lever from Fox that comes only with the description of “low lever force” and the hashtag “infiniteadjust”.

The latter could hint at more than just a new remote. Their original D.O.S.S. dropper seatpost had three fixed positions – Climb, Trail and Descend. As their forks and shocks have moved away from that nomenclature, it’s no stretch to imagine the post will, too. But “infinite adjust” suggests things could be going to a post that lets you drop it as little or as much as you want. And while were daydreaming, a stealth version would be nice, too – and keep them competitive in a very crowded landscape that’s growing in quality and quantity.

The “low lever force” could mean a high leverage ratio over the release mechanism, but if it is a teaser for a new post, we’re guessing a complete overhaul to the mechanism could be dropping in, too. More as we get it…


  1. call420: Truvativ and SRAM both have cranks, and are the same company. It’s what happens when everyone begins buying up everyone else.

  2. The set 40mm drop is the best thing about my DOSS. And its proven very reliable. Infinite adjust is not a benefit, imo. Keep the DOSS as-is, but make the lever better. Call it whatever you want – not sure why a seatpost needs the same nomenclature as suspension, given they serve different purposes.

  3. There is a lot of the problems with DOSS
    -no internal routing
    -Ugly Lever.

    But man is it bomb proof. I have one with almost 10,000kms on it. No problems at all. Hard to beat that.

  4. I would have agreed on the “bomb proof” of a DOSS until about a month ago. Mine developed a grinding noise while lowering/returning and applying a slight side pressure in order to keep the post from slamming at the nards. Removed the lower piece where the schrader valve is and there was nothing but metal shavings. This post was two years old. One of the longest droppers I’ve had last. I’ve killed two KindShocks and one Shittylized. My very first, original Gravity Dropper is still going strong after 5+ years. THATS bombproof. Ugliest and clunkiest thing ever but I just picked up another one because everything else will break.

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