Rotwild GTS AMG limited edition gold hardtail mountain bike

German brand Rotwild is no stranger to collaborations with Mercedes Benz aftermarket tuning group AMG, and the GTS AMG hardtail is the latest.

Decked out in gold yellow highlights across all components, it matches the body paint of the car that inspired it. Like any good collaboration, the color-matched bits extend beyond the bike, too, with coordinated accessories available from Thule, Topeak and Ergon, too.

Race on in for those and a look at final spec on the X1 enduro bike, refinements to the e-mountain bike controls and a collaboration with COBI to create a “smart” commuter e-bike…

Rotwild GTS AMG limited edition gold hardtail mountain bike

If you’re gonna travel, travel in style…

Rotwild GTS AMG limited edition gold hardtail mountain bike

Rotwild GTS AMG limited edition gold hardtail mountain bike

Rotwild GTS AMG limited edition gold hardtail mountain bike

Parts from Formula and Crank Brothers were all custom anodized and decaled to bring the project together.

Check out a few past AMG collaborations here, here and here.


The Rotwild RX enduro mountain bike launched this summer, where we covered all the tech details on the bike and its ability to switch between 27.5 and 27.5+ tires thanks to a flip-chip at the rear axle to add a bit more space.


The bike’s not shipping quite yet, but now we’ve got a look at one of the spec levels to be offered. A complete XT 2×11 group will pair up with a Fox 34 110mm (aka Boost) fork.


RX and RX+ (below, the “+” denotes the e-bike version) bikes get a preproduction update to get DT Swiss’ 30mm XM481 rims, which lets them run anything up to a 27.5 x 2.8. Boost spacing in the rear, too, plus a collection of swappable axle parts ensures you’ll be able to run either tire size on the same frame with only a few tweaks.


The e-bike version of the RX shares virtually identical geometry and pivot points, but they’ve updated the controls to be more mountain bike friendly.


Gone are the giant screen and controls found on their commuter e-bikes. For mountain biking, they knew they needed something smaller and less likely to get trashed on the trail. The result is an integrated screen and toggle switch and sensor system.


On the pavement, they partnered with COBI to offer a smart commuter e-bike that uses your smartphone’s brains to offer higher level functions like automatic lights and brake lights, offline routing and more. Launched on Kickstarter in January, COBI quadrupled (and then some) their ask to become a real thing, and Rotwild is the first to offer the system as stock…but you can also add it to your own bike.


The cradle charges your phone and lets it control lights, mapping, music and more.



  1. no thanks…..just some gold colored bits added and some other crap placed nicely into a bag or box….does not really seem all that exciting really……and just what is the price on this limited edition vs the standard option? that will really tell how uninspiring this may or may not be….

  2. @ riley martin, now , now, no need for a bad attitude. Remember bad attitudes towards limited edition bikes often come from those that can’t afford them….Those that buy these bikes don’t ask the price they just walk into the shop and say “I’d like to buy that please”. I can’t afford this bike, but it sure is cool.

  3. @Craig: likewise, the jealousy argument is often used to short-circuit legitimate criticism. I believe the point is that you are paying for a number of cosmetic upgrades which seems a bit ridiculous given that the association is with a ‘tuning’ branch. Why not make performance upgrades worthy of the price?

  4. “@ riley martin, now , now, no need for a bad attitude. Remember bad attitudes towards limited edition bikes often come from those that can’t afford them…..”

    No, the “attitude” often comes from those who recognize how stupid and foolish it is to pay huge amounts of money for superficial decorations.

  5. right on dave!!!!!!!…..

    limited editions of anything have never been something on my radar….except for a craft brew limited release like a sam adams utopia or millennium ale…..but even then they just don’t really do much for me…….add into this argument: the brand Rotwild (are they even sold in the US? and if so who and where? i’ve never seen one. EVER! and I’ve spent a fair amount of time in the bike business. Yes I have heard of the brand. But that is it…….
    this goes into the same bucket of nonsense as that bike that had the 14k gold inlay or coating on it or something silly like that (i think Bikerumor did a write up about it)…..

    its just flat, boring, and rather uninspiring when a collaboration with Mercedes Benz aftermarket tuning group AMG. and all you get is a bike with some gold colored bits…….

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