Admittedly still a work in progress, Farm Hack’s Culticycle and Bicitractor concepts were created to bring affordable and sustainable tractors to Mexican farmers. In areas where the alternatives are unattainable or unmanageable loans to get expensive tractors and other equipment, these pedal-powered options are more than affordable, they can be built and maintained on site.

Check the videos below to see them in action, plus links to download your own instructions…

Above video is shorter and shows it working, but video below is better and shows a lot of different accessories that can be attached to accomplish different things.

Hit up for more videos and a deeper dive into the story behind it. Then check Instructables for the state of progress with it and a timeline for instructions for the next generation (and a link to download the current instructions if you just can’t wait to pedal your farm).


  1. gringo on

    Although I question the effectiveness of such small plow blades, IF it does work, it’s for sure light years ahead of walking behind an Ox with a plow.

    not a bad idea

  2. Tim on

    @Walt- donkeys need to be fed and cleaned. And they carry sicknesses. Bikes also of course have their own maintenance costs, but I suppose they’re lower.

  3. Firestar Galactica on

    Anyone notice the quick release is open on the left front wheel in the first video? First bicycle tractor injury imminent…


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