Fox star wars r2-d2 moto helmet dh kids (2)
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Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope – that is, if your hope is to get your hands on the super limited Star Wars x Fox R2-D2 V3 moto helmet. Enduro racers, mountain bikers, and other cyclists got their chance for some limited edition Star Wars themed helmets earlier from Bell, and now it looks like the trend is continuing to the moto/DH side of things.

Technically a product through the Fox Moto division, the DOT certified, MIPS equipped full face could be used for downhill riding as well. Especially for those who both pedal and twist the throttle on the weekends. While the adult R2-D2 V3 helmet is already sold out online and likely to be very hard to find in stores, the youth version is yet to be released…

Fox star wars r2-d2 moto helmet dh kids (6) Fox star wars r2-d2 moto helmet dh kids (4) Fox star wars r2-d2 moto helmet dh kids (1)

Fox star wars r2-d2 moto helmet dh kids (5) Fox star wars r2-d2 moto helmet dh kids (3)

The youth Rd-D2 helmet is based on the Fox V1 moto helmet which uses an injection molded polycarbonate construction with standard foam and padding instead of the MIPS, dual density foam, and multiple composite construction on the V3. However, that should help keep the price down considering the adult V3 R2-D2 helmet sold for $1000 (!), and the youth helmet is still DOT approved with 9 intake and 4 exhaust vents to keep the little one cool. Coming soon.

We’re still waiting for the Scout Trooper Helmets…


  1. The sad thing is such a nice helmet is just going to sit on some Star Wars junkie’s mantle instead of being used to ride with… $1000 is a loto cash to crash with!

    Plastic one is Cool, for kids though!

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