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I didn’t know it at the time, but if there is one thing I wish I would have had as a child during snow days, it would have to be a fat bike. Granted it didn’t stop me from getting out and trying to ride my bike in the snow, but I’m imagining the latest crop of kids’ fat bikes would be a blast, you know, for the kids…

One of the latest companies to offer something fat for the kids is Charge Bikes out of the UK. Now, in addition to the Cooker fat bike for adults, the kids have two different options for themselves…

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Starting with a steel frame and fork, Cooker fat bikes will now be offered in the Cooker 20 and Cooker 24 with 20″ and 24″ wheels respectively. Both models feature a 1×7 Shimano drivetrain with mechanical disc brakes and 4″ wide tires. The 20″ model will sell for $299.99 while the 24″ bumps up to $349.99.

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Available exclusively in the U.S., a number of dealers including Performance Bicycle and Competitive Cyclist will have both in stock in time for Christmas.


  1. @timmbers They probably dont weight much more than the average kids 24″ bike I have a Norco Bigfoot 4.3 on the floor that weights 33lbs sadly not much heavier than your generic kids bike, especially any kids bike from a box store. (probably still lighter than a kids box store bike)

  2. They won’t be that heavy – any weight that’s gained by the frame and fork being steel is offset by not having a suspension fork. And since it’s likely to be pretty good steel, the weight gain will be even more minimal.

    I built up a steel frame and steel rigid fork 26er for my boy, and it’s lighter than the 20″ bike with a suspension fork and aluminium frame he graduated from.

  3. I’ve got a 24″ Cooker in our shop that I just weighed. It’s 38lbs even. The 20″ singlespeed Schwinn Signature kid’s bike next to it weighs 25lbs. How light do you really want your kid’s bike to be? It’s a fun bike, that lots of people have been interested in since we’ve had it in.

  4. 14 to 16 lb is perfect. That’s what my kids 10 year old specialized hemi weights and it has 20 inch wheels. When you are small it really adds up. This bike is way too much for a kid to ride up any kind of hill. No fun at all.

  5. Seriously 38 lbs? My eight year old weighs 75 pounds so you do the math. Would any adult be interested in a bike half their weight and enjoy it? My Trek Farley 5 doesn’t even weigh that much and their isn’t any go fast or a single piece of carbon on it. I can’t imagine an aluminum frame and fork being much more to build.

  6. So if you weigh 175lbs and ride a 30 pound fatbike. Your 75 pound kid should be riding a 13 pound fatbike. I wonder how expensive that would be? the truth

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