We have heard for a while that GoPro was expanding in the video-enabled drone market, and it looks like that is coming soon as they’ve just teased us with a video of the newly named Karma. Details are scarce so far, but we now have at least two videos on GoPro’s Youtube channel claiming to be shot with the upcoming drone. Plus, GoPro is still talking about early 2016 delivery. Hop past the break to get a look at the videos, a bit more information, and how you can win one at its impending launch…

GoPro boasted in the previous video that the Karma, which they were calling a quadcopter, uses a stabilization system, so both videos get smooth shots without any post-production stabilization. This new video is available on youtube up to 1080p.

The previous youtube video (below) is available to watch online at 1440p HD. And since all of the shots in this teaser video, appear to come from that longer, previous one, it’s a safe bet to think that the Karma will be able to record at least at that 2560 x 1440 resolution (or QuadHD), but probably not the higher UltraHD or 4K.

One thing we do know is that GoPro will be giving 100 Karma quadcopter drones away at its launch in early 2016. If you go to and sign up for email news updates about the Karma, you will be entered to win one the moment they become real.


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