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One thing many riders appreciate is simplifying the process of their ride. A lot of that involves making sure we have the proper gear for said ride, because forgetting the simplest of things can make or break that experience you were longing for. Tools are one thing you should always have with you, but swapping them between bikes or even just plain forgetting them in your front seat will do nothing for that loose bolt or broken chain. Mineral has a couple of somewhat different, but simple alternatives with their Mini-bar and Barstow tools that may be worth looking at….

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When things come apart, sometimes you need something a little more substantial than the typical multi tool. When trying to tighten a crank arm or it’s freezing out and you really don’t want to take your gloves off, having something that fits in your hand more like a shop level tool can make all the difference. Mineral has developed a couple of tools that appear to share the benefits of both a shop and compact multi-tool with their Mini-Bar & Barstow tool systems, and a Kickstarter campaign just launched to get them into production.

Mineral tool minibar

The Mini-bar is a multi-tool that gives you the compactness of a multi-tool, but the handling and leverage close to that of a shop tool with its T-handle design. The bits are your garden variety, easy to acquire 1/4 inch bits that are magnetically held in place in BOTH the holder and Mini-bar tool so things don’t just fall out when you’re trying to fumble with them. The tool’s size and construction appear to be able to easily access an 8mm crank arm bolt and be substantial enough to tighten it or say a loosen pedal without bending or putting that semi-permanent tool imprint in your palm. The Mini-bar comes stocked with scotch nine bits including 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 8mm, a torx T25, and phillips, and flat head screwdriver.

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The Barstow is a clever design that works with the Mini-bar, (or any 4mm hex), just like a chain tool should, but has a nifty little spot for holding a link. There is nothing like being under tree-cover trying to search the depths of your hydration pack for the other half of your chain link that you know has to be there (that you find accidentally… 3 weeks later).

Mineral tool Chain

Mineral tool off road Mineral tool road

The Barstow chain tool is designed to well… stow away! It will fit inside most typical road and mountain bike bars keeping it secure but always within reach. To remove it you simply loosen the hex bolt and when done, snug it back down.

Check out the video to see the Mini-bar and Barstow in action, and if the ending makes you cringe, don’t worry, the solution is just below…

Mineral Mini-bar and Barstow Kickstarter


  1. Love the chain tool(although it’s a bit similar to the Specialized tool that replaces your stem cap). I’d like to see an on-on bike storage solution for the mini-bar though. Not everyone carries a hydration pack and plenty of mountain bikers only have a tube under their seat, without any space in their saddle bag. Maybe a bottle cage mount or something simple under the top tube or stem

  2. At 3.8 inches long the Mini Bar should just fit into a Backcountry Research Tulbag. Then you’re just a strap away from your on-bike storage solution.

  3. I hope this takes off. If those clunky fix-it-sticks can pass their Kickstarter and be successful, then these should be an easy winner, even with a more complicated (expensive) manufacture.

  4. Really impressive.

    One suggestion – Maybe they could use the second bar end plug of the Barstow and modify it so that it can fit the Minibar into its underside, so that way the Minibar can also hide inside the handlebar? I can see the Minibar’s form factor working for most drop handlebars. Maybe wishful thinking but it’s worth considering for a possible “version 2” of these tools.

  5. Cool idea but for me it’s too pricey. $75 to get both the mini bar and chain tool. Plus, there’s not enough leverage with that chain tool design for some stubborn links. You would need to grab the whole chain and tool assembly, which will lead to a really greasy hand or glove. I’d consider getting just the mini bar but then I would still need a separate chain tool.

  6. Looks more functional than most of the combo tools I’ve seen. Pledged at the $60 level for the combo. Too heavy for my weight-weenie road bike, but perfect for the gravel bike which has a mix of hex and torx screws, and where I might actually need a chain tool.

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