French brands Look Cycles and Corima will be working much closer together now that the bicycle frame and pedal company has purchased a majority stake in the wheel builder.

Founded in 1973 by Pierre Martin and Jean-Marie Riffard in Loriol-sur-Drôme, France, Corima originally made high performance composite parts for various industries before turning its focus to wheels in 1988. And since then, we’ve seen some incredible full carbon fiber wheels (hubs, spokes, rims and all).

Look will take over global distribution for Corima, and the companies will share research and development efforts but remain separate, independent entities. Our bet is more Look bicycles will start shipping with Corima wheels.


  1. Ventruck on

    imagine OEM Corima’s on Look bikes…

    Good move by them. Wheels were a gap to fill in Look’s selection; hope it pans out.


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