2015 Corima MCC full carbon spoked road bike wheels

Corima’s MCC carbon spoked wheels get new hubs and the front wheel gets new, flatter spokes. That makes it a bit more aero at the leading edge of the bike, but the rear keeps round spokes to be stiffer since fewer gains were to be had there. The pic above shows the transition from round at the hub to flat for the majority of their length

The front hub is a little sleeker, without as much flare from the shell to the flanges, reducing the overall frontal footprint. They also switched it from woven to UD carbon, just like the rear…


The rear hub gets a similar cosmetic change, plus a few internal tweaks:


Shown here on a different wheel, the MCC models upgrades to the S-type axle and internals. That gives it a wider alloy axle through most of the freehub bodies, reducing down only at the end to fit a larger bearing.

2015 Corima MCC full carbon spoked clincher road bike wheels

The MCC has thus far been a tubular only, but for 2015 they’ll have a clincher option weighing in at just 1,260g for the pair. Price was TBD, but if you have to ask…then the alloy hubbed versions might be more up your alley.

2015 Corima S+ carbon fiber road bike wheels

The S+ wheels, which use standard spokes, have switched from J-bend spokes to straight pull. That saved them a few grams, but it was mainly a change based in customer demand.



  1. Rico on

    22.6mm rim width

    “For tubular rims, CORIMA recommends 23 mm tubular tires and for clincher CORIMA recommends 23 mm clincher tires.”

  2. Dave on

    over 23 is the width. Have you ever owned or ridden Corima? If not you are in for a treat. They are fast, smooth and the hubs spin forever.

  3. MaraudingWalrus on

    Tyler/Krafty – That’s kind of a nifty idea. Any idea of the magnet is in the front or rear wheel? I could see the folk that only want to run one speed/cadence sensor being miffed if it’s front/theoretically there could be difficulties positioning your dual purpose sensor if it’s rear.

    Krafty – what else would be behind a label that says magnet?

    • TheKaiser on

      I’ve wondered the same thing about these wheels. They are kind of fascinating. It could be like the much derided and abandoned Mavic tubular carbon spokes, which had 0 tension and worked in compression except when under torque.


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