The new cold and wet weather cycling kit from rh+ seems to get its name from shark skin, building off claims of it being slippery in the wind and resistant enough to keep even the harshest weather at bay. The new Shark line has been developed and tested by rh+ together with Alberto Contador’s self-named rh+ Polartec Fundación Contador U23 team. Get a closer look at what’s on offer and what it can handle after the break…

rh+_Shark_cold-wet-weather-clothing_studio_01 rh+_Shark_cold-wet-weather-clothing_studio_02

Shark is poised now to combine race-ready aerodynamics with foul weather performance  that is highlighted by surface water repellency, total waterproofness, and a level of breathability that rh+ claims has never been delivered in the cycling industry. The new Shark line is the result of 4 years of development partnership with Polartec, and so the new kit takes full advantage of their advanced Power Shield Pro and Wind Pro fabrics.

The line will consist of a jacket, both long and short sleeve jerseys, bibtights and shorts, and a full setup of accessories. Each is gets a race cut and extended coverage for full wind and rain protection. The jacket and jerseys each get 3+1 aero pockets, waterproof zippers, extra grippy silicone at the waists reflective accents, and rely mostly on the WD Gold Power Shield Pro fabric.

rh+_Shark_cold-wet-weather-clothing_studio_04 rh+_Shark_cold-wet-weather-clothing_studio_03

With such lofty claims, Shark is said to deliver performance for any climate, with the addition of top-level protection from the elements built in. The bibs both get a new Elastic Interface pad named Liege, that as the name suggests is geared toward long rides on rough surfaces with double density (not thickness) padding. They also use the same Gold fabric front and back, but get something lighter on the sides for a bit more thermo regulation.

rh+_Shark_cold-wet-weather-clothing_studio_05 rh+_Shark_cold-wet-weather-clothing_studio_07 rh+_Shark_cold-wet-weather-clothing_studio_08


The cap, gloves, arm, and leg warmers use more of a mix of fabrics to keep the elements out. The cap leans on fabrics to divert rain away from your head while maintaining breathability. The warmers focused on water repellency that wouldn’t wear out over time, nor when they get washed several dozen times in a season. Their Wind Pro fabric leans more on keeping you comfortable, no matter how had it rains and how much spray gets you off the road. The gloves go the full neoprene route to make sure that no matter what hands stay warm even if they have to get a bit sweaty.


The Shark kit is being teased now as Fundación Contador and the rest of the U23 riders take on the cold and wet spring classics. But rh+ Shark will be available for consumers to buy only in the coming fall 2016 to be ready for next winter’s riding.



    • It’s ok, he’s got 2 team cars and a camera moto following him wherever he goes. He can wear a suit that makes him invisible and he doesn’t have to worry.

      Still not wearing an all black kit on a black bike on a cloudy day, but that’s where choice comes in.

    • Please do your best to make sense of that stream of consciousness about Nibali as The Shark of Messina on Astana, and Contador formerly riding for Astana with Lance E. Gunderson.

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