It’s called the Big 42, and no, this beast won’t fit in your bottle cage, but for keeping plenty of fluids on hand en route to the ride or race, 42oz is gonna be hard to beat. And it’s insulated, so all that fluid should stay cool long enough for you to drink it all, too.

Also new are solid color bottles in the traditional sizes, helping you stand out with bright, color coordinated and virtually logo-free bottles for your ride…

polar bottle color series

The Color Series will debut on the insulated 24oz Polar Bottle later this summer, which get their new ZipStream spout for quick, easy drinking since there’s no need to physically open and close it…just squeeze and the water shoots out. Pricing on both TBD. All are made in the USA.



  1. Dr J on

    Or you could just buy a regular 1.5 liter (50oz) mineral water bottle in any grocery store and reuse it. If you want a quick spout, get one of those sports bottles with a pull-out spout and put that cap on your 1.5L jug.
    May look getto, but this solution costs much less and it will actually fit in a standard bottle cage.

    • anonymous on

      Not insulated, leeches chemicals, hard to fill. For something used almost every day, I don’t know why you’d go to extreme lengths to pinch pennies.

  2. Grateful on

    Dr. J is obviously NOT a cyclist – or Dr. J would KNOW the difference between a “Bottle of Water” and an insulated “Water Bottle”.

    But Dr. J did reveal Dr. J’s level of consciousness. You go J…

    • Dr J on

      Dr. J is a cyclists and is older and wiser to know it first hand that no “insulated bottle” would hold the liquid cold long enough unless it’s a thermos. That’s why Dr. J prefers simple solutions that work. BTW, what’s the point of a water bottle that doesn’t fit in a standard cage?

      • anonymous on

        It fits in a nonstandard cage. Just like aero bottles fit in a non standard cage. Insulated bottles do work and you can always put ice in them to make them work longer.


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